How to Increase Online Visibility for Your Business

How to Increase Online Visibility for Your Business

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Flying V Group Co-Founder and Partner, Robb Fahrion, joined Bob Clark on the OnFire B2B Podcast to discuss how to drive exposure and visibility for your company’s online presence. Below is a transcription of the video above:

Bob Clark: Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of the OnFire B2B podcast podcast where we take business owners and CEOs in the B2B Space. Six questions, nine minutes, because the best know when to be concise and when to shut up. So, here…we…go. Question number one, in a couple of sentences, “Who are you and what do you do?”

Robb Fahrion: My name is Robb Fahrion and I am a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group Digital Marketing and Advertising. We’re a full-scale b2b marketing agency. We work across web development, search engine optimization, paid advertising, and social media marketing.

Bob: Love it! Question number two. What’s the best thing about working with businesses?

Robb: The best part about working with businesses is that we get new challenges and opportunities every single time we interact with a new B2B client. So, we get to put ourselves in their shoes, understand their business issues, their pain points, who their customers are, and then get strategic and strategize in different ways. Every single client is different and there’s no out-of-the-box solutions when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Bob: I completely agree. Question number 3. What is the biggest challenge your business is facing in today’s world?

Robb: Yeah, so I’m sure a lot of people are answering “Coronavirus” right now. It’s definitely front page of the news. Ours is aligned with that, but our biggest challenge is how do we take this adversity and turn it into an opportunity? So, while others may be hunkering down and detracting what they may be doing, we’re looking at ways in which we can elevate ourselves? How can we elevate our exposure? How can we help others in any way possible with our expertise and what we know? How we can help keep their businesses afloat?

Bob: Absolutely. Now, I’m going to say this, and it’s a little dark, but there are people who made money during 9/11.

Robb: Sure, no doubt it.

Bob: So, that part may be apples and oranges, but still fruit. So, there is money to be made.

Robb: At this point, we need to put one foot in front of the other and ask ourselves how can we make improvements every single day and keep our minds open to new opportunities that might arise.

Bob: Yeah. Just don’t sell toilet paper.

Robb: Exactly.

Bob: There we go. Question number four. What other top CEOs and business owners in the B2B space like yourself should I have on my podcast?

Robb: Fernando Corona. He’s doing a great job with a lot of LinkedIn work and also with some remote VA assistance for business owners to take some administrative tasks off of their plate.

Another guy is Larry Miles with They’ve built a digital platform for financial advisors to help them get mid-to-back office items off of their plate to really focus on their clients. And then finally, Jim Eckel is the Founder of going to be an online marketplace where you get all sorts of information about financial advisors. There’s a vetting process to make sure that there’s accurate information for people that you’re trusting with your money. They have the information that you care about when making those types of decisions. So I think those would be the three that I would recommend

Bob: Love it. I’ll look them up when we’re done here. Question number five. What advice would you share with other business owners in the B2B industry?

Robb: So, obviously we’re focused on marketing, advertising, and promotion, and the topic of this podcast is increasing visibility for your business. When we consider online visibility as a business, we look at the entire digital marketing ecosystem. And what I mean by that is each digital marketing strategy plays a very crucial role in increasing that visibility that you have online. The first being your website. Your website is your foundation, right? You have to have a website that performs. You have to have a website that is succinct. It’s up to date. It helps get your message across in a pleasing and elegant way to the customer and delivers to their needs and requirements.

When we talk about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing, they really all do play off of one another. What that means is, for example social media marketing, if we can drive engagement and drive traffic to the website and get people interacting and engaging with our content then that helps with our search engine optimization efforts.

When we run pay-per-click advertisement, we can drive traffic through paid ads. From there, we have the ability to retarget or get exposure from a company name standpoint. People are then going to Google you and type in your company’s name. You want to have a well-built out profile from a search engine optimization standpoint.

With that being said, anytime we can start to drive traffic to the site we get the user into the funnel and ecosystem where we have retargeting and remarketing capabilities. It’s not always the first time someone makes a buying decision, right? It very, very rarely is.

The more exposure and visibility we can increase for our client online, the better. That’s where pumping out additional content is important and taking that content and distributing it on social media. Running paid advertisements on Facebook about certain content just to show, “Hey, here’s who we are. Here’s what we’re doing. Here’s the expertise that we have.”

You could have the best product in the world, but if no one’s seeing it, hearing about it, knowing about it, and hearing about it constantly, then you’re probably getting lost in the shuffle with how competitive it is online.

So that’s really, when you boil down everything, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to increase exposure. We’re trying to increase site traffic. If we have a thousand visitors to the website and we generate 10 leads. Then, let’s say we double that website traffic to 2,000 visitors. In theory, assuming all things are linear, we double conversions as well. If not increase that when we look at conversion rates and everything else. My advice is to consider the entire digital marketing ecosystem because the efforts really do work together. We don’t want to see marketing and advertising mediums in silos because they work off of one another.

Bob: They really do right now because you write content for one place and you can use it on all the different social networks. Question number six. Most important question of the podcast, Robb. I need you to focus.

Robb: Okay. I’m ready.

Bob: Tell me about your first time…your first sale.

Robb: Okay. Oh, first sale! My first sale was an individual who was a hair stylist and she rented a single chair at a salon. We built a website for her with 15-20 different pages for $500 and I will never forget that sale. It was small but, you know, it’s one that I appreciate more than any as we start to get bigger wins and as our business grows and matures. But yeah, that was our first sale and it was a meeting in a coffee shop. They said yeah, “let’s do it” and I’ll never forget it. So we started from the bottom, legitimately.

Bob: So, the first time was with a hairstylist?

Robb: Yeah! Exactly. Exactly.

Bob: There we go.

Robb: First time with a hair stylist. Yep. That’s right.

Bob: Love it, love it. So, Robb, you now have 1 minute 57 seconds left. Promo time. Ask me a question. Talk about the weather. Or, since the best know when to be concise and when to end, we can end early.

Robb: Sure. Yeah, I would just love to know what your biggest motivation and driver is every single morning when you wake up to get you out of bed?

Bob: The thing that wakes me up to get me out of bed is I have so many clients have done the social media marketing thing. You know, post content, post content, get a big audience, but then they become broke AF, right?

For example, what really got me excited yesterday when talking to one of my clients was she said, “You realize that I pay $1,800 a year for networking event and you’ve already replaced that. So I’m thinking about not renewing because what you guys are doing for me already replaced that event.”

Robb: That’s awesome. On my Twitter page, which is just @RobbFahrion, I have a story about a client’s organic search engine optimization that elevated site traffic to great numbers to where he’s not even actually fulfilling the service anymore. He’s become a lead generation company and it’s given him his time and his life back. He’s able to do different things. The opportunity to make legitimate changes in people’s lives and motivates me to get up and work hard and help people improve their situations

Bob: Absolutely. Completely agree with you. You’ve got 33 seconds left. You want some promo time?

Robb: Flying V Group is a full-scale agency. We move quick, fast, and were very aggressive. With the uncertainty, we’re looking to double down and get more aggressive with what we’re doing. We know our systems work. We bring everything into one house, which is nice for our customers. You don’t have to have a social media team, a PPC team, and an SEO team because, again, they’re so important across the entire ecosystem. We’ve worked with over 200 clients. And yeah, we’re here for you whenever you need us.

Bob: Go Mighty Ducks!

Robb: There you go. You know the reference.

Bob: Yes, you pulled it off. Six questions, nine minutes because the best know when to be concise and when to end. Website, say it.


Bob: Already in the description there. Robb, thank you so much for being on.

Robb: Thank you, Bob. I really appreciate it.

Bob: You’re welcome. Everyone else watching or listening, make sure you check out more episodes of the OnFire B2B Podcast. My name is Bob. You all have a wonderful day. Talk to you later!

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Written by Robb Fahrion

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. Robb has helped over 350+ companies build their businesses online and is responsible for building Flying V Group into one of the premier marketing agencies in the United States. Robb and his team have managed over $10M in marketing budget and continue to accelerate the growth of clients' businesses. A love for business and competition is what fuels Robb to create dynamic marketing plans to help his clients grow exponentially.

April 8, 2020



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