Persevering with Persistence in Business w- Jordan Gitterman

Persevering with Persistence in Business w/ Jordan Gitterman

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Today on Episode #19 of The Sage Executive Podcast, join our host Robb Fahrion and his guest, Jordan Gitterman, as they talk about the importance of persistence. Jordan is the founder of Item Banc, where they tokenize the value of basic human needs and get them to the people that need it. They can provide aid to manufacturers, farmers, distributors, financial markets, and communities by capitalizing on what is required. Robb and Jordan talk about his thoughts on leadership, business acquisition, and his essential sage advice for the episode. Stay tuned!

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Do-It-Yourself Leadership

As a leader, the responsibility always falls on you. You’re not going to be relying on people to do the work for you. By doing things yourself, you earn respect and prestige as a leader. If you have a strong leadership built by your own hard work, not only will you be able to make a lot of money, but you can help more people as well. Your employees get compensated while enjoying the work they do, and your services help your clients and customers that get them.

The Best Offer at the Best Price

To get more business, make sure that you’re the best at what you do. If you offer products, make sure that you have the best kind. Add to that the best price, and you’re almost set for life! The only thing missing is to put in the enthusiasm to attract customers.

Persistent Persistence

Don’t give up. It’s never over if you don’t give up. Of course, you need to put the work in. You have to be passionate and motivate other people, as well. But the crucial thing is that we don’t stop even if the going gets rough. Once you stop, it’s over!

“Responsibility falls on yourself and that you’re not going to rely on other people to do things.”

About Jordan Gitterman:

Jordan Gitterman has over 25 years of business management and finance experience. For over a decade he has concentrated in the natural resource sector and held financial and senior management roles. He was executive vice president of two privately-held independent oil and gas oil exploration companies that drilled and produced in Wyoming, Kansas, and Colorado. Mr. Gitterman worked with a publicly traded company to develop an iron ore production, export, and trading business in Mexico. He has worked on bringing to market numerous oil and gas, gold, silver, copper, antimony, and iron ore mining, processing, and trading projects with the vast majority of them located in Central and South America. Most recently in Chile he founded Latin American Mining and produced copper and gold.

Outline of the Episode:

  • [00:20] Getting people their basic needs.
  • [01:08] Leadership is doing things yourself. Helping your people and the world at the same time.
  • [02:13] The best product/service at the best price. 
  • [02:54] The value of not giving up. Persistence is key!
  • [04:15] Industry leaders that raise the bar.
  • [05:13] When you win, instead of celebrating, why not do it again?


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Robb Fahrion  00:18: Hello everyone. This is Robb Fahrion with another episode of the Sage Executive Podcast where top executives shared their sage advice. It is six questions in nine minutes, because the wise speak with few words. We have a great guest today. So let’s get right to it. Question number one in a few sentences, would you mind telling us who you are and what it is you do?

Jordan Gitterman  00:40: Hi, Robb. I’m Jordan Gitterman. I’m a founder of Item Banc. And what we’re doing at Item Banc is we’re tokenizing the value of basic human needs, which allows us to effectively us in the market to get them to the people that need them. I knew about Bitcoin early on. I was in a mining business and natural resource business. And I realized that blockchain and cryptocurrencies were taking off and wanted to tokenize the value of these products and then wanted to disrupt the barter business. And really what Item Banc is a evolutionary manner of using [inaudible] to get the best valuations and also to to get the products to the people that really need them and the sort of basic human needs.

Robb Fahrion  01:28: Awesome, very interesting. Thank you for that intro. Jordan, what would you say is the best thing about being a leader in business and being a part of Item Banc?

Jordan Gitterman  01:38: Well, the best thing I think about being a leader is that you ultimately realize that the responsibility falls on yourself and that you’re not going to rely on other people to do things. So you just do it yourself. And what happens is that you realize by doing these things yourself and getting them done, there is some prestige in it. Obviously can make a lot of money if you do these things yourself as the leader of an organization. But ultimately, the best thing is, is helping people. And if you have a good service and product, you’re helping people. If your companies assess and people are working with you, and they’re getting compensated, and they’re enjoying your work here, you’re helping the people, you’re helping the world.

Robb Fahrion  02:18: Right? Yeah, I love that. I find that to be a common thread, with a lot of the individuals that we talked to and myself as well as a partner in our company, and just the ability to help and be a part of a team and grow something together. So yeah, thanks for sharing that. Moving forward. Question number three, we hear from other executives and business leaders that acquiring new business or growing business nowadays can be very challenging. There’s obviously a lot of noise, a lot of competition. So I just wanted to get your thoughts on business growth, new business acquisition.

Jordan Gitterman  02:50: Absolutely. I think the best thing to do is to have the best product with the best service and you have to offer something as the best – you have to have the best price. You have to have a great service. And you have to market these things with, you know, enthusiasm. But if you do that, I think people call you up and say, Hey, you can get the best price for this product is the best and you attract the business to you.

Robb Fahrion  03:14: Great, great. Question number four, we’re doing obviously great on time. What piece of sage advice and this is where I want you to shine and and let our viewers know would you give to other executives the best piece of advice that you could give?

Jordan Gitterman  03:30: Well, as we mentioned earlier, if you’re an executive, you’re in a leadership position, you have to take responsibility is no passing a buck, you take responsibility, and you need to get things done. That’s what it comes down to. But the one biggest piece of advice would be persistence, don’t give up. I mean, it’s never over if you don’t give up. If you give up, it’s over. Just don’t give up. Obviously, you have to have a lot of enthusiasm and passion in what you’re doing. Because that’s really what gets motivates other people, to see that you’re committed to doing it. But definitely persistence is it. Just never give up?

Robb Fahrion  04:09: I love that. Yeah, I’ve customers or other business people that I talked to, like, “What’s your key and/or secret?” And I’m like, “Honestly, it’s not a secret a lot of times it’s just – it’s a follow up, right? It’s constantly staying on top of things. Top of mind. So to your point, that persistence. I totally agree with that. So we’re always looking for other top executives, like yourself to be on our show and to grow our content for our viewers. So I was wondering if there’s any others that you’d like to acknowledge as leaders in industry, that would be great guests for our show, and for our viewers?

Jordan Gitterman  04:44: Sure, a friend of mine, Brian and Julie’s [inaudible] Simply Natural and the largest organic farmers. Fantastic, fantastic leader. Gunther Sonnenfeld. He’s bringing to market a platform for content, decentralized platform. And also he has a company called Novena Capital. Fantastic leader, Christopher Joyce, he has a company called Gusher. And he helps startups on… kind of using the bar business. People bought our services for equity in these startups as a leader, and there’s others if you like, I can go on.

Robb Fahrion  05:25: I would love to maybe offline, we’ll definitely get a few more. No, I appreciate all those.

Jordan Gitterman  05:31: Absolutely.

Robb Fahrion  05:33: Okay to close it out. So I want to show a little character and personality, so a fun question for the final question. After a win, and it could be a personal win, a business win. What do you like to do to celebrate?

Jordan Gitterman  05:45: Well, honestly, the best thing in my opinion is just do it again. Unless you’re burnt out, but if you got burnt out, just get back to work and do it again. It’s infectious right? But if you need some time off, I mean, it’s best to spend it with the people you love- your family and friends. And if you really need some time, you gotta hop on a plane and go somewhere.

Robb Fahrion  06:06: Yeah, no doubt. I love that answer. Yeah, we’ve gotten we’ve gotten answers all across the spectrum. So I don’t ask for the answer before the show, because I’m always so curious to hear what people say. But yeah, I love that. And you’re right. It is infectious gets the adrenaline going. Well, hey, Jordan, thank you so much for being on I really, really appreciate it. Just wanted to how can I ask you how can people find you? Whether it’s a website, email, LinkedIn, just kind of some shout out… how people can find you online?

Jordan Gitterman  06:38: Sure, I’m only Jordan Gitterman I think on LinkedIn. My email address that somebody wants to email me is and Item Banc, Banc is spelled with C at the end, so and you take my name [inaudible]. There you go. My website, can take a look at that too.

Robb Fahrion  07:03: Awesome. Awesome. Well, thanks everyone. Again, this is Rob Varian with the Sage Executive Podcast. For more insights and to check out more episodes of our show, please visit us at Thanks so much for joining us, Jordan.

Jordan Gitterman  07:20: Robb. Thank you very, very much.


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