Outsource Your Way to Success (Marketing + Lead Conversion)

Outsource Your Way to Success (Marketing + Lead Conversion)

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Sales and marketing alignment is the secret to maximum success for any business. Even as marketing continuously supports sales, costs and efforts put toward marketing efforts are often wasted due to the large gap sitting in the middle of the sales funnel.

Outsourcing functions of your business has proven to be a consistently rewarding strategy, relieving sales and marketing teams of tedious and burdensome tasks. Outsourcing essentially offloads the tasks that may be filling your staff’s calendar. With a never ending to-do list, your staff is often running on fumes, scrambling to complete deadlines and tasks before leaping to the next thing.

In fact, outsourcing also saves your business from becoming understaffed or overstaffed. If the outsource is always there, you can leverage it when you need, whereas the burden of hiring and firing can be severely costly and detrimental to morale (to say the least).

But choosing where and what to outsource is important to capitalize on costs and time. We decided to focus on the benefits of outsourcing marketing and lead conversion efforts, as they seem to be the most difficult hurdles in the sales funnel.The ultimate benefits revolve around working smarter with your time and money. Outsourcing marketing and lead conversion are where executives will witness the biggest “launch” in their business. Here’s why:

Outsourcing Marketing

When the current tasks at hand become too much for the current staff to handle, outsourcing is your surest bet. But there are other reasons outsourcing marketing  makes an enormous amount of sense:

  1. Lower Costs – Outsourcing projects and advertising can be a lifted weight for businesses. Hiring an entire team is expensive: from SEO specialists to web designers to graphic designers and CMOs, the cost of salaries alone skyrocket. Not to mention, even if you find a small team with expansive skills, your team is likely unable to stay creative and “strategy” gets lost in the mix of trying to juggle all the tasks. While the idea of investing in your sales funnel is good, outsourcing is a much cheaper substitute to salaries.
  2. Better Talent Pool – When outsourcing marketing, strategists, designers and creatives are able to offer outside expertise and more creative and innovative execution to help you generate more sales. Not only that, but they help maintain the strategy behind your efforts, preventing the bandwidth of your own staff from detouring into the “just getting things done” mindset. With the right marketing agency and good communication, the creativity and strategy resources are abundant.
  3. Efficiency – The most successful managers and executives know that delegating tasks is a huge stepping stone to success. Hiring an agency to handle the social media you don’t have time for or the SEO you can’t be bothered with will not only relieve you of the necessary tasks at hand, but guarantee consistent work. Now your marketing staff can give even more concerted efforts toward other marketing strategies.
  4. Better Strategy – As hinted in the previous three reasons, strategy is the core of all efforts marketing makes. With a disorganized strategy, inconsistent results will appear and it will be impossible to really know where and what is creating qualified leads. With outsourcing in place, time and bandwidth opens up to allow your team to uphold strategies and have better concerted efforts.

Outsourcing Lead Conversion

  1. Maximize ROI – A lead conversion platform will help further support marketing investments and efforts. With all the leads generated by marketing, filtering through the qualified can be tedious and difficult. In fact, the biggest hurdle in lead conversion is simply getting initial connection with the lead. A lead conversion platform, which charges per inbound lead to scale cost, can handle the speed-to-lead and guarantee the most optimal chance at connecting with leads. Every dime put in by marketing will be validated with a lead conversion software.
  2. No More Burnout – The bandwidth of humans is real. It’s a consistent roadblock for any company. built a lead conversion software to work simultaneously with a stateside contact center. So while Verse has human representatives on standby when necessary, the bandwidth of the technology is nonexistent and will therefore capitalize on lead conversion efforts at all times. That’s a massive relief from one of the most difficult obstacles in the sales funnel.
  3. Consistency and Efficiency – A modern contact center with a lead conversion software will be able to host as an ISA (inside sales agent) for your teams. Using speed-to-lead and an omnichannel communication approach, they will qualify the leads for you so sales can focus on the prospects who are ready to purchase. Your employees need the opportunity to take breaks and be relieved from nagging tasks in order to maintain morale. It’s always best to let your employees focus on the tasks they do better at executing.
  4. More Lead Data – With consistent conversations and an integrated CRM tool, lead data from the software can go back to marketing, where marketing can use the data to gauge MQLs and where they are coming from to better adjust their strategies.

Overall, outsourcing just makes sense. Look at the areas of your sales funnel where you are lacking and invest and research to solve those holes. The ROI is there – outsourcing marketing and lead conversion will help you find it.

Thank you so much for reading Outsource Your Way to Success (Marketing + Lead Conversion). We really appreciate it! If you have any questions about our article, or can suggest any other topics you think we should explore, feel free to let us know.

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Written by Megan Thomas

Lead conversion aficionado, Megan Thomas is the Copywriter and Content Creator at, the Leader in Lead Conversion.
Megan's team specializes in qualifying, nurturing and converting leads for sales and marketing teams of all industries so that no lead generation effort ever goes wasted. Verse has helped companies convert up to 90% more leads and specializes in working with enterprise and corporate teams such as Fairway Mortgage, Keller Williams, and Semper Solaris. With Verse, your sales and marketing teams will thank you and will gain better lead data, close more deals, and bring in the most revenue possible. Technology isn't the future, it's the present.

August 26, 2020



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