How to Digitize Your Business_ Market Your Brand Online

How to Digitize Your Business: Market Your Brand Online

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Why is there a need for your company to sell online? How will an entrepreneur find the common words to rank for SEO without waiting years and years to increase the rating on Google SERPs? Specific strategies to market your company would definitely give you a higher return on your time than others. Others take weeks to work; others take months and years.

Regardless of the way you advertise your company on the internet, as long as you make sure that you add value along the way and adopt the right collection of marketing practices, you can ultimately reap the benefits of your work over time. Overnight, it isn’t going to happen because of the competitive digital marketing environment.

You can improve your operations with an excellent online marketing strategy. Such digital techniques have been shown to boost efficiency by businesses. If you use them correctly, you can develop a concrete internet marketing strategy that helps to bring about more customers and keep those customers.

In this article, we will discuss how to digitize your business and ways to market your brand online and drive new business.

1. Build a Blog and Regularly Publish High-Quality Content

Obviously, the best way to promote your company online is to create a blog that allows you to post and share high-quality content, which frequently adds very high value to your customers and potential customers. It certainly is a very long-term strategy that does not pay off overnight, but each entrepreneur must understand how important it is to adopt this method of online marketing.

Building a remarkable blog in all industries or niches not only helps drive traffic through Google‘s interests but also leads to the creation of authority for your brand. You can gain customer, media, and business owners’ attention if you can be an expert in your industry. That will, in turn, increase snowball authority and ultimately create vast amounts of visibility and sales.

2. Market your Medium and Quora Content

You can focus on promoting your content on platforms such as Medium and Quora if you want early distribution, and have a relatively young domain – under two years with little authority built up.

How to Effectively Promote Content

Content marketing is the most effective way to gain momentum in Google’s SERPs while still reaching broad, established audiences through these authority pages.

Here are some steps on how to effectively promote your content:

  • Write and publish high-quality and relevant articles focused around your website’s niche.
  • Ensure that it’s keyword-centered, concise, creative, and adds much value. Consider how to do extensive keyword research prior to writing.
  • Make sure that your words are helping people in some way, shape, or form.
  • After all that was mentioned above has been completed, write another article on websites such as Medium and Quora and ensure that it is keyword-centered, informative, and original and adds lots of value to your readers in the piece.
  • Build a link to the main article of your website or blog using a keyword or the corresponding keyword.

3. On LinkedIn, Interact and Network with Others

LinkedIn Groups are an excellent way to communicate with people in your business or niche easily and help spread the message about your content. Your content can be promoted through LinkedIn Groups as long as you are not spamming and are truly providing valuable information to the members. Before you try to drop links, it is best to add value to a conference or discussion and gain familiarity with the members.

LinkedIn Groups are also a great way to connect people with whom you might not be related.

You may interact without a connection to any other member in a community, which can become a significant asset for you and your business. Share updates often within the community and keep up to date on the conversation.

4. Use Facebook Ads and Strategic Landing Pages

Although Facebook Ads are not free, they give you an excellent opportunity to reach the right audience for your business.

As long as you are aware of your client and know how to identify a customer persona, you can pick the potential customers to send to strategically targeted web pages, which are known as “squeeze pages” by using measures such as preferences, geographical location, marital status, age, and many more.

Experiment with micro consumption to see the best responses to drop consumers into your sales funnel by copying and squeezing.

When advertising on a site like Facebook, it takes a long time to find the right blend or formula, but once your campaign is successful, you now have the ability to scale quickly.

5. Use Instagram Influencers’ Strengths.

Today, with the ever-present power of social media, people from around the world can be reached instantly. We know, however, that algorithms and popularity work against us, particularly if hundreds of thousands or millions of followers are not reached on our business accounts.

Working with Instagram influencers gives you immediate access to a broad audience in your particular niche as long as you choose the right Instagram influencer to help spread your word.

6. Create an Email List with an Opt-in

A customer opt-in email list allows you to send information to your customers and potential customers. This presents a great opportunity for multiple touch points with your audience.

7. Get Into the News or Blogs

Work with a publicist for public relations to get you into articles and news reports about what you are doing and how you are helping the community. It not only helps you to establish yourself as a trusted expert, but it also introduces an even broader range of people that may be interested in your business. Free services that connect with writers looking for sources can also be registered.

8. Post Press Releases Online

You are able to promote your information formally when you use online press releases. This allows magazines, forums, or other sites to access and write posts about your business without having to connect and tell a story. Press releases can be written about a number of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • New Business Expansion
  • New Employee Hire
  • Awards and Milestones
  • New Product Offerings
  • New Office Space
  • Highlighting a Particular Client
  • And anything else you can come up with!

All of the above are ways in which you will be able to digitize your business. By doing the above, you will also be able to increase the effectiveness of your company’s search engine optimization. Learn more about SEO below.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of acquiring website visitors from the organic rankings of the search engines to a website.

The typical tasks of SEO are high-quality content creation, content optimization for specific keywords, and backlink building. My business, an SEO service in Houston, aims to improve the rankings of a website for the organic section of Google results and not the paid section of search results.

SEO works simply by showing search engines that your content is the best result for the specific topic or query that the user is looking to find information about. All search engines have the same objective: to show their users the latest and the most critical information.

How you do this exactly depends on the search engine for which you optimize. You need to understand and comply with Google’s algorithm if you want more organic traffic to your web pages.

1. Building Links

Creating and distributing information increases brand awareness and recognition, right? Now, imagine the virtual world of SEO. This is where the development of strategic efforts to build links takes place and is similar to building brand awareness except for SEO.

You can really create some strong links through strategies like broken link building, infographics, or being active in social media groups.

2. Optimized Branding of Content

The promotion of content is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business or brand. SEO and branding of excellent content combine to create enormous power for your business online.

To achieve this, the focus should primarily be on the material that you create. There are two ways to create good content – both to satisfy the appetite of the public for new information, while serving the right content to search crawlers. Create trending and up to date resources or go with useful content that can stand the test of time like such topics of  “How to create strong and relevant content for your blog.”

3. Audiences Seek Niches

The modern era enables brands to communicate more directly with their consumer base based on the targeting of specific niches.

Niche targeting is especially useful for small companies that can make use of smart keyword research to gain an edge on the competition. This is how targeting specific markets can help you build your brand. The ability to connect to new customers, engage with existing customers, and concentrate effectively on your products is improved by focusing keywords to a niche.

The mantra is straightforward: a brand with a focus is a successful brand. Keyword research will assist you in managing the selected niche.

4. Encourage Brand Awareness

If you can successfully build a positive brand image then you will reap many rewards. But how can SEO help you to monitor your brand’s perception?

By optimizing your content for the keywords your brand cares the most about, SEO can be a tool to influence brand perception by aligning your keyword approach with your brand strategy.

In Conclusion

For years now, Google has offered special privileges to those with brand identity. With every minor and significant change, this preferential treatment only increases. It is a vicious cycle in which the rich get richer, and the poor continue to fall behind. Branding is the only hope for better SEO performance.

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May 5, 2020



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