How Flying V Group Empowered This Multi-Billion Dollar Biotech Firm to Boost Unique Traffic By ⅓ and Drive CPC Down by over 50 Percent

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One of the biggest revelations that most of our clients have once we are a few months into any engagement is how we are able to bring the cost per lead down considerably while increasing the number of conversions. ROI is undoubtedly the first goal that should be on your tracking sheet. With every FVG client, we focus on ways to tangibly improve ROI, from paid campaigns to website content to SEO, blogs, and much more. In this piece, we’re going to share how we helped CELLINK, a $2 billion biotech giant to boost unique traffic by over 33 percent and more than halve their CPC cost.

This engagement was a fantastic opportunity where we were able to put our expertise to use at scale in a niche segment.

Here’s how we helped CELLINK boost their digital marketing ROI, by slashing cost-per-click and driving thousands of new visitors to the site.

What Does CELLINK Do?

CELLINK is a leading bioconvergence company aligning the integration of fields between biology, engineering, nanotech, and IT. They work on cutting-edge biotechnology products and services. Their products and technology give many scientific researchers across the globe the necessary tools for advanced medical research. CELLINK’s bioprinters and bioinks are vital to several areas of research including biomaterial development, tissue engineering, tissue models, and drug delivery research with their end goal to reimagine the future of healthcare.

CELLINK’s products, especially the I-DOT no-contact liquid handler and BIO X 3D bioprinters are top of the line in terms of features and have consistently received great customer reviews. They were doing great work on the product front and had a good foundation to grow on.

What Challenges Were They Facing?

CELLINK had a good baseline of digital marketing performance because of their product quality. They have created something that users want and something that is unique to the market. The real issue was that they did not have a clear idea of what “better” was or how to get there.

Their existing digital marketing strategy was not comprehensive enough to cover a lot of areas, which meant that they were leaving many opportunities on the table. To take a specific example, they were ranking relatively low on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) for some important long-tail keywords relevant to the industry like “extrusion bioprinting.” In this particular case, we took CELLINK from the 17th spot – not even on the front page of Google, all the way to #3.


Beyond SEO, we also identified some other areas that needed more attention, including paid campaigns and content strategy.

What Was The Impact?

Before we discuss the phases, it is important to look at the state of affairs when FVG began the process of optimizing the strategy.

How did the numbers look before FVG took over?

The most notable aspect was that they had a good foundation in terms of web traffic and potential users coming on their website. The average number of unique users was at 20,000/mo., and the total digital spend stood at $1,500/mo. CELLINK’s specific goal here was to book at least 20 demo calls per month. Before FVG came into the picture, they booked X calls on average.

The traffic is a healthy number for sure but once we dig deep, there are some key issues that come up. The cost per click for paid campaigns stood at $8.57, and the cost per conversion hovered around $48.63.

The biggest issue to target first was in the cost of acquisition (CPA). CELLINK was spending around $150 per lead on digital only, which is quite a high number, and affects ROI calculations significantly.

Phase 1: Fixing the Basics

The real challenge for us at FVG was getting into the numbers and figuring out how we could plug the gaps and improve the overall campaign performance across the board. For the first six months of the intervention, our focus was on understanding the business in considerable depth, looking at the current digital marketing strategy, and making some core improvements.

In terms of SEO, a key challenge that we helped CELLINK address was bringing down their CPL from 0 dollars per lead on digital to under in the first six months, and even less in the second six-month period.


Driving keyword leadership was another critical goal that FVG helped CELLINK reach. Over a twelve-month period, we were able to push CELLINK to the top spot on both Google and Bing for bioconvergence, a high-intent keyword with over 150 monthly hits, alongside consistently high and improving rankings for long-tail bottom of the funnel terms like “non contact liquid handler” and “3D bioprinting stores.”


Apart from enabling keyword leadership on SERPs, another FVG focus was on improving the click through rate on high-impact terms. For terms like Livecyte and 3D Bio Printing, we were able to help CELLINK hit a click through rate in excess of four percent.

Some of the steps involved were restructuring the campaigns, making critical website changes so that the lead conversion improves, and measures to rank the page for the important keywords where they ranked low. 

This also involved strategic changes to how they created content, with more BOTF content and a good deal of search-oriented content too, especially for SERP rankings. The philosophy of being conversion-oriented at every step greatly helped in the process, as CELLINK saw an increase in traffic and a significant drop in cost per conversion. This meant that they were getting more value per dollar spent, already a great improvement over the previous stage.

Phase 2: Optimizing for Results

Phase 1 covered a lot of the hygiene factors, and the digital marketing process as a whole got better. The next phase in our approach was to look at ways in which we could optimize the current strategy to deliver more results and an even better ROI.

Through focused SEO strategies that covered the on-page and technical aspects, we also started work on a lot of off-page elements to increase the credibility and hence the ranking of the page. These measures saw great success, with CELLINK achieving keyword leadership in a wide range of search phrases. In some of the searches like “bioconvergence,” CELLINK’s rank went straight to the top of the page, and there were significant improvements in many other related search terms.

The focus was also on improving the content delivery and creating a wider variety of content that addressed key user challenges, and also helped in conversions. Through these efforts, we were able to further bring down the cost of conversion to 25% of the baseline value, which was the cost of conversions at the time we started working on the campaigns.

The net result of all this was also seen in improved traffic. Website traffic jumped 30%, which was quite a massive hike considering the high baseline we started with. WIth more traffic, better conversion rates, and lower costs of conversion, the overall result was a massive reduction in CPL, by around 50 percent over the first six months and a further 50 percent over the next six months.

FVG was also able to improve headline metrics like overall pageviews. Over a 12-month period, FVG helped CELLINK grow unique monthly pageviews by a substantial 35 percent, while reducing the page exit rate by a two-figure percentage. In essence, FVG support meant that more people visited CELLINK’s content, and fewer closed out of it than before.


The CELLINK story is a great example of how a results-driven approach with constant improvements over a period of time can lead to significant results in terms of ROI and cost. It is also a great example of how bringing in specialized expertise to run digital campaigns is a good idea, even if you think that your campaigns are doing well. There is always something that you can do which will get you better results.

CELLINK is one of the many clients that we work with across domains and geographies. FVG’s results-driven approach to digital marketing has helped almost all of them derive more value for each dollar spent. We’ll build a strategy that directly links digital marketing to lead generation and revenue growth. With dashboards and detailed reports, we helped CELLINK track important lead indicators, including CPL, form submission rate, and conversion volume.

By comparing this data to their own lag indicators, CELLINK was empowered to understand exactly how much growth every dollar they invested towards digital marketing enabled.

Reach out to us today! We’ll help you build and implement a results-driven digital marketing plan and realize measurable results.


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September 2, 2021



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