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Digital Marketing for Insurance: The Insurance Blog Topics to Focus On for 2024

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Blogs still work! It is natural to look at blogs and think they’re a thing of the past, but you will be proven wrong. Blogs are still relevant in educating and engaging your potential customers today. It is, after all, the age of online research. This is especially true for the insurance industry.

Insurance is an intricate and complex field. Most people these days look to the internet for ideas before talking to any vendor or making a purchase decision. In this context, blogs play a vital role in your business’s lead generation.

As digital marketing has taken center stage, content marketing in general, and blogs specifically, are integral parts of the marketing strategy across the board. If you are an insurance agency looking to build out your digital marketing strategy and looking at blogs as an option, look no further.

We have put together a set of ideas that you can use to create your blog content. But first, let’s talk about why blogs are a digital marketer’s favorite tool.

Why Insurance Blogs Will Still Work

Insurance marketing is a tricky business. There are so many intricacies that could easily boggle the mind of a layman. Here are some of the top reasons why we think insurance blogs are awesome.

Educate Your Potential Customers

The insurance industry perhaps has the most stringent and sensitive onboarding process There are many choices and a lot of information to fill out. Giving the wrong information can ultimately lead to the cancellation of the insurance policy, which makes education a major aspect to consider. Blogs do this job well.

If we also include related types of content like infographics and videos, your potential customers will look at these to understand what works for them and what doesn’t. This is the single most important reason to have educational blogs on your insurance website.

SEO: Bring the Right Audience to Your Insurance Website

The  industry’s complexity also means that there are many search engine queries about your product. SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing, where you target the people you are searching for to bring them to your website and ultimately generate leads from these website visitors.

Potential clients will be looking for specific information that will be related to their pain points and having blogs at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) will give you a steady stream of potential clients.

Email Marketing and Social Media 

If you have worked in the insurance industry, you will already realize that using very sales-oriented content on social media platforms or email marketing seldom leads to good results. This is, in fact, true for most industries. Blogs and content, in general, are the best bets.

Your target audience is looking for information that can help them make a decision. So sending them useful content will have more impact than any sales content. On social media platforms, blogs are the perfect way to reach a wider set of potential clients. People share good content and this will help you reach more people, even if you have a limited following at the moment. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn encourage good content—certainly an aspect to take advantage of.

So, all that said, what are the insurance blog topics to focus on, the ones that will make your insurance blog into a lead-generation machine? Let’s take a look.

Insurance Blog Topics to Focus On

Product Explainers

These are blogs that help the potential client understand the products in much more detail. Various types of insurance are available and, as an insurance agent, you must be selling them. Blogs that help your target audience narrow down their choices and decide what works for them are the simplest form of content you can (and should) create.

Some suggested topics:

  1. How does car insurance work?
  2. What is covered in a homeowner insurance policy?
  3. What type of insurance do I need if I live in a high-fire danger area?
  4. I want to rent out my home using Airbnb. Do I need insurance?

These blogs can also include relevant infographics and other related content that gives an in-depth understanding of the products as well as their various features, advantages, and benefits.

Testimonials and Use Cases

Testimonials and interviews with current policyholders can answer many of a potential customer’s questions. Use cases also demonstrate how insurance helped people during a difficult moment, explaining how the process worked for them.

The majority of the pain points associated with insurance products come from the aspects that follow the purchase of the insurance policy: coverage, claim process, and such. Testimonials and use cases cover these ideas.


Insurance FAQs may seem quite straightforward but they are a powerful content format. Insurance companies have relied on FAQs for a long time to serve the audience with relevant content and generate leads from web traffic.

FAQs are easy to create. Take the most frequent questions you receive from your customers, and you can create content around these. They are also quite search engine friendly if you think about it. After all, we are used to just entering our questions as-is into Google.

Myths and Must-knows

Blogs from authentic sources are incredibly valuable in busting myths aabout insurance and educating the audience about what they must know before purchasing any type of insurance.

Blog ideas: What should you know before taking out a life insurance policy? or Questions you must ask your insurance agent will do well both on the search and as educational content. Blogging on topics like these will help you get more visitors and also convert them into leads.

Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content

If you’re a regular reader of our content, you will know how much we love BOTF content. BOTF content is particularly aimed at potential customers who are already in the sales process. This type of content helps answer questions that go beyond general understanding and often deals with more intricate problems. Some of these blogs can also be targeted towards your new customers to help with the onboarding process.

Some content ideas:

  1. How the insurance claim process works for the type of insurance they are taking
  2. How to read an insurance policy document.

These are not likely to be content that will bring you a lot of new traffic, but they will help convert leads that are already in the system. This is important too, as you have probably spent considerable time and effort on your marketing campaigns to find and convert them.

Now that we have discussed some of the top blog ideas, here are a few bonus tips to help you make the most of your insurance agency blog.

How to Optimize My Insurance Blog

Optimization is Key

Creating good content is half the story. The process doesn’t end there. Constantly look for ways to optimize your blog content. Look at ideas that your competitors are using. Look at what is working best for you and double down on this format. All the minor improvements you make will ultimately lead to great results.

Use Call To Actions

Do not shy away from including relevant CTAs on your blogs. CTAs convert a website visitor to a lead and perhaps a customer down the line. It is also important to make sure that the CTA is relevant to the content. There’s no use putting a CTA regarding auto insurance in a blog regarding real estate insurance, right?

Automation Using Tools

Several marketing tools automate the content marketing process. Invest in these tools to make sure that you are serving the right content to the right audience. Automation also saves a lot of time, which you can use to create more amazing content!

Have an Integrated Content Strategy

Finally, the last and most important point is to have an integrated strategy for your content marketing efforts. Make sure that your blogs cover most of your business’s important aspects, and that everything links to each other. Having different messaging on social media platforms and entirely different messaging via emails will not lead to sustainable results.

What Should You Do Next?

Blogs are an important aspect of the digital marketing process. It is important to create good content and also be consistent about it to make sure that you are getting the best results. You also need to ensure that the blogs are optimized for search and also have the necessary components to ensure that it works well.

Working with an expert digital marketing agency will surely help. FVG has worked with businesses big and small and has helped them generate insurance leads consistently from blogs. Leave the planning and execution to us while you focus on other marketing ideas that will propel your business to the next level!


Thank you so much for reading Digital Marketing for Insurance: The Insurance Blog Topics to Focus On for 2024 . We really appreciate it! If you have any questions about our article, or can suggest any other topics you think we should explore, feel free to let us know.

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