10 blog topics for your insurance business to boost seo and website traffic

10 Blog Topics for Your Insurance Business

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Are you stuck trying to generate on-going leads for your insurance business?

Competition can be very tough for emerging insurance agencies like yours. This global necessity called insurance is a business that is brimming with potential. With more people looking to the internet to learn more about products, you need to make your agency easily accessible.

So far, the insurance market has not changed, but the marketplace has dramatically. One way to grow your insurance agency is to be tech-savvy.

Your insurance business will thrive if people can access your company online from the comfort of their homes. A website is a great way to accomplish this, but there are already other competitors out there to deal with seo report.

For instance, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company  is the biggest property and casualty insurance company in the United States with an exceptionally engaging website. Visitors to their user-friendly website can access any information they need regarding different insurance packages.

They beat the competition by discovering and utilizing new approaches to generate high-quality leads. The site contains several links to additional content that will keep you on the site for a long time.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about insurance blogging for the purpose of generating leads. More to the point, we will share with you some of the most amazing blog topics and ideas that are specially designed for your insurance agency.

Why is your insurance agency blog not getting enough traffic from Google?

Challenge: Irrelevant or low-quality content

Issues: Quality content is the primary driver of search engine rankings. Your blog lacks consistent traffic because your company is not generating enough content ideas worth writing about, therefore, not generating the relevant high-quality traffic.

When you write quality content specifically for your intended audience, you will increase site traffic, improve the authority of your site, and establish relevance.

Challenge: Outdated content

Issues: When you do not update your content regularly, it becomes outdated. Therefore, search engines will regard this as old content as well. A crucial indicator of your site’s relevancy is fresh, regularly updated content, especially in the insurance space where things are changing quickly.

You can set a schedule to audit your content (quarterly for instance). Also, do updates when necessary.

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Local SEO and Content Marketing

One major challenge most insurance companies face is attracting clients to their marketplace. As your insurance business grows, there will be a need to invest in local SEO services and content marketing.

Here are 4 main reasons why you should not do this yourself.

1. The process is time-consuming

Managing your SEO campaign by yourself takes up too much time, especially if you do not know much about it. However, if you work with an SEO expert and content marketer, you and other insurance agents working with your company will be able to focus more on running your business.

2. It will be costly

If you are not familiar with managing an SEO campaign for an insurance company, you could end up spending more and wasting money. You will likely spend a considerable amount of time and money trying to optimize your site. You could make mistakes with consequences that could reduce traffic, lower sales, and waste money trying to correct errors.

For SEO to be cost-effective, it has to be consistent. An SEO expert is highly skilled in the use of consistent and accurate SEO tactics.

3. It’s a process which requires an expert team/agency

An expert SEO team or agency has the diversified experience and proven knowledge necessary for making smart decisions involving your insurance blog. With their proven experience gained from working with different clients, they will be able to increase your ranking and visibility.

By partnering with an expert, all your agency’s unique ranking situations, expectations, and needs will be handled appropriately.

4. It’s a long-term investment

It is not easy for business owners to reach the top of Google’s results. Generating leads will help with the regular and consistent increase in traffic and sales. However, this is a long-term investment that takes some time to yield a profit. In this long-haul game, winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Top 10 Blog Topics Idea for Insurance Blogs

Many people have different ideas for lead generation, and it is difficult to keep up with all of them. This comprehensive guide will help you save time that you would have used to generate new leads.

1. Answering FAQs

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page is a list of questions that are asked frequently regarding a certain topic having to do with insurance, as well as their answers. This format is popular in websites, articles, online forums, and email lists where common questions often recur. You can generate evergreen content from FAQs. Think about the questions your regularly answer for your clients and include them in the FAQ’s.

The way you answer FAQs can facilitate trust and encourage the sharing of information. It is up to you to decide what to share and what to keep private. You can also provide answers that go beyond your blog. It would be great if you could distribute the same content in your printed or video materials to prospective clients and new customers.

You can take this a step further by finding out from your agents which questions clients tend to ask them more often.

Frequently asked questions are vital content subjects that you can use the next time you want to write an article. These questions give you an idea of what people want to know about, as well as what clients consider more effective and convenient.

2. Customer Pain Points

The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology published an article on Uniquely Addressing Customer Pain Points. In this article, customer pain points are simply described as real or perceived difficulties experienced by customers when using a product or service.

As an insurance agency, you should know what your customers’ pain points are so that you can write rich content that addresses all their concerns. If these pain points are identified, it will be easier for the company to make an appropriate value proposition that may encourage the customer to patronize them.

When targeting different users, you should address their various pain points. If you can create personas and list the pain points for each user, you will be able to reach all your existing, as well as prospective customers.

You may get an idea of your customers’ pain points by asking customer support, salespersons, account managers, and anyone who interacts directly with customers.

3. Federal Holidays

Holidays are a chance for people to celebrate significant events. The United States recognizes only 10 holidays, which are observed by Federal Government workers. However, your agency or community does not have to observe all of them. Each holiday provides you with an opportunity to publish content with holiday themes.

Special holidays have many logical links with insurance and safety topics. For instance, on the Fourth of July, you can create a blog post on firework safety.

4. High-Profile Personalities Using Insurance

There are high-profile personalities who talk about insurance, some of whom are actively involved in promoting insurance. You could pay close attention to what celebrities talk about. When a celebrity talks about insurance, write a blog post about it. This will attract a lot of traffic to your blog because people love to follow celebrities.

Surprisingly, most celebrities have some ‘weird’ insurance policies that could make for great blog topics. Many people search for information like “Mariah Carey Leg insurance” and “David Beckham whole body insurance policy” and other phrases that in this vein because they promote life insurance. This is how effective a celebrity topic idea can be.

If a celebrity uses your product or is associated with it in any way, capitalize on this to promote your insurance agency. Write an interesting article on this to encourage readers to patronize you as well.

Writing a good post on any viral topic could place your site at the top of Google’s ranking. This will also drive a lot of quality traffic to your site.

5. Infographics

Infographics, according to Wikipedia, are visual representations of data, information, or knowledge in a graphic format. Infographics are meant to present information in a manner that is quick and clear. They help to improve cognition using graphics to improve the ability of the human visual system to see trends and patterns.

In an article titled, “Getting graphic about infographics: design lessons learned from popular infographics” published in the Journal of Visual Literacy, infographics are said to have emerged as a common visual approach aimed at delivering complex, abstract, and dense messages.

When you are creating an infographic project, ensure that you use an interesting content topic. A boring topic will not catch the eye of your website readership or engage them on the site.

It is a good idea to check out the infographics of your competitors before developing your own infographic idea.

Whoever is designing the infographic has to focus on “showing” the audience graphically, rather than using endless blocks of text that “tell” the audience. This design should be kept simple. The story should be broken into segments so that the audience can easily digest it at a glance.

By doing this, your infographic will be a winner on insurance blog topics.

6. Interview Clients

You should try interviewing your clients if you are confident of an exceptional relationship with your policyholder. Conversing with your client about insurance and the different services you have provided to them is a great way of making potential policyholders see how your insurance agency can help them.

Your potential policyholders would prefer to listen to testimonials of one or two of your clients about how you can help them. This is more preferable than hearing you promote your services directly.

During your interview, describe the issue your client was battling with and how your company’s services helped to solve it. Furthermore, explain the end results, as well as how much (put a price on it) the client benefited from using your company’s services.

If you care about boosting your online reputation, interviewing a few clients and sharing their testimonials on your blog is one sure way of doing so.

7. Other Holidays and Events

There are many other holidays that you can consider using as a theme for your next article. Examples of these holidays include Spring Break, April Fools Day, Tax Day, Summer Vacation, and Small Business Saturday.

These holidays are often trendy ones that you can tap into and use for interesting web content.

8. Searcher Intent

If you are not really interested in writing content on special holidays and events like Summer Vacation, you can focus on writing content that matches the intent of the searcher instead. The internet is already filled with both valuable and invaluable content. It is pertinent that you make your content creative, fascinating, and engaging for your audience.

Although you can use a particular theme or keyword to write your content, try as much as possible to match searcher intent around the keyword. Serious customers usually search for articles with rich content, and it is your duty to give them such content.

To attract and engage your customers, set aside time for some research, step into your customers’ shoes, and try to ascertain what solutions they are looking for.

9. Skyscraper/Cornerstone Content

It was recently discovered that Skyscraper-form, or cornerstone content is the highest ranked on Google. This is the case because such content covers the topic in full and provides the best answers to users’ search queries.

Whenever you create a long-form or Skyscraper kind of content, offer users a free PDF download of the same content. This will attract more email subscribers, while also helping to generate more leads.

PDF downloads are extremely effective lead magnets that continuously produce positive results.

10. Trending Topics

When it comes to writing on trending topics, try to avoid political events as this is not very healthy in marketing your insurance agency. There are a lot of trending topics you can write about that can drive traffic to your website, while initiating conversations on the blog.

These trending topics are grouped into different categories, some of which are:

  • Celebrity news
  • Sports news
  • Upcoming movies
  • Breaking healthcare news
  • Breaking financial news
  • Breaking news that is exciting but not very “serious”

Topics under these categories are safe to discuss and trend for a while in the media.

So, what should you do next?

Blogging is one of the primary sources of leads and traffic for every insurance business that wants to thrive for a very long time. However, it is more effective when it is properly optimized for a search.

Permitting an expert to handle your SEO campaign, will allow your blog posts to be found easily, while driving quality traffic. A professional SEO agency understands the latest SEO updates and how best to implement them. They can help you create a custom-tailored strategy (SEO content and blog-post battle-plan).

Hiring an expert and effective SEO agency or team can help you to grab that sought-after spot on the Google search engine’s first page.

Getting to the top of Google search matters! At Flying V Group, we have years of experience helping Southern California small businesses get top-ranked Google search hits. Click here for a free web optimization audit. We’ll offer actionable insights you can put into practice, right now, that can start bringing in consistent traffic at over 20% month over month.

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