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How to Use AI-Generated Images in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Sucсeed

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The marketing industry loves AI, and it’s obvious why: the idea of using tech to automate tasks is nothing new. AI has already affected so many things in the industry, including the way we carry out our marketing campaigns. Now, AI generated images are more common than you’d think; both small blogs and big businesses are leveraging the potential they bring. 

Even so, it is not always easy to understand how to make the most of new tools, especially in a digital world where everything is constantly changing. But the right images can get your audience to fall in love with your brand. So, how do you ensure that you are using AI generated images effectively in your SEO digital marketing campaigns? Keep reading to find out. 

Why Should You Use Images Generated by AI in Marketing?

Using AI in marketing is not news, and creating images with it looks like the natural or logical next step. It only takes a few phrases to create all sorts of cool images. This is easier, faster, and definitely cheaper than what many are used to. Most AI image-generating software even comes with tons of customization and personalization options that you can use immediately. 

Want to tailor the images to your audience preferences and add little details that really drive home your brand message? It’s got you covered. Plus, you can be creative (and try out any idea without fear of losing much money) as you try to bring that concept to life. Again, content with images generally ranks higher on search engines, creates a lot of buzz, and attracts tons of backlinks. 

And you already know that those links increase SEO rankings, drive traffic to your website, and boost conversion rates. Still, they can be notoriously difficult to get, which is why most marketers doing link building in the USA (and other competitive markets) choose to get help from an agency. In the same vein, using AI to create marketing images can help increase engagement rates and boost sales. 

5 Tactics for Integrating AI-Generated Images in Marketing

Adding images generated by AI to your digital marketing campaigns is an effective tactic to get people’s attention and draw them in. Want to know how to make the most out of this approach? Here you are:

#1 Shareworthy Social Media Marketing Posts

Shareworthy Social Media Marketing PostsSource: Copilot Designer

When was the last time you saw a social media post with no images? Exactly. Posts with images on social media can get about 150% more engagement compared to those that are only text-based. You can use AI to generate innovative and creative images that grab the attention of your target audience without having to break the bank. 

For example, it can be a marketing campaign that features popular movie characters as adorable babies or a reimagining of a popular landmark in your target region. Just make sure it’s the one your audience won’t mind. What about your SM profile header? Can you give it a new makeover with AI? It is probably cheaper than trying to hire someone to paint it from scratch.

#2 Personal Touch to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

The more images in your email campaigns, the higher the click-through rates. Except that it is expensive to personalize tons of images based on regions, audience preferences, and so on if you are not using AI image generators. For example, you can generate images of models that your target audience considers accurate media representations to which they relate. Also, you can use AI to come up with many different detailed images of your product at a pretty low cost. 

#3 Quality Images and Illustrations for Your Blogs

Marketers know that people respond differently to a blog with lots of pictures and one that is just a long wall of text. You can use AI to generate images, illustrate different points and concepts, or add some comic relief to your blog posts. Let readers’ understand your message and digest your articles with pleasure.

#4 Storytelling Content Creation

Today there are AI tools that can churn out blog content in a few minutes and others that can generate videos with a few lines of text. If you’re struggling with creating new posts, you can consider using AI to generate images and throw in a humorous caption here and there and maybe a series that tells a progressive story. 

#5 SEO Boost

Don’t forget to improve and spruce up the image you want to use for SEO. How to do this? Easily: add alt tags and captions that help your audience (and search engines, too) understand what the image is about. Make images responsive or mobile-friendly, as most people now prefer to use their phones for online searches. Even use your AI images to create visual content to match voice search queries. This also boosts your search rankings, driving more traffic to your web pages.

Common Issues to Avoid When Generating Images With AI for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Source: Copilot Designer

But let’s look at the dark side of using AI to generate images for digital marketing campaigns. Despite its many benefits and seemingly fast growth, AI is still only in its toddler stage. And with this comes tons of flaws like:

  • Weird shapes and extra digits. AI might be great at spitting out quality images, but it’s also been known to add a few more teeth and an extra finger here and there. Sometimes, fingers are incomplete. So, be sure to check out the quality carefully and ensure that the images are not too weird or anything like that. It wouldn’t be good to have your digital marketing campaigns flop or go viral for the wrong reasons.
  • Limited data. Like all new inventions, AI is still evolving, and for now, there is a very limited amount of data, all of which are based on preexisting work created by human artists. You want to try out different prompts until you find the right one that gets you the best result. This brings us to the next hurdle.
  • Potential copyright issues. One of the major appeals of using AI image generators is being able to create copyright-free images. Except that, AI can mimic artists’ styles and just spit out an exact copy, which raises the issue of plagiarism for some types of images. Knowing this, you want to be very specific with your prompts and original in your style as much as possible to avoid issues later on.

What Tools Can You Use to Generate AI Images?

AI image

Source: Midjourney

There are tons of really good AI image generators out there, which makes it difficult to know which one to choose. But you want to be very careful as not all tools are worth your time. Besides, there are many cyber risks you might expose your site to if you decide to rely on sketchy free image generators online. Here are some of our top favorite tools:

  • Midjourney. This is one of the most popular tools for generating images for digital marketing campaigns. It is also very easy to use: enter your input, and the algorithm will return unique images that you can then edit. You can customize font styles, image color schemes, and more. You will need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to be able to access the service.  
  • DALL-E 3. One of the biggest cons with AI image generators was that you needed to learn prompt engineering if you wanted to get anything passably useful. But with this model, there’s no need to get a manual to master how to use DALL-E 2 since this model has a more nuanced understanding of the words you enter as prompts. 
  • Canva. Want something even more pocket-friendly? Then try Canva. It has a text-to-image feature that will, well, create new pictures for you using the texts you feed it. Still, this one is not going to give you the same quality results on the same level as the first two options. 


You will always have tons of options when it comes to both paid and free AI image-generation tools for your digital marketing campaigns. The only issue is they are not all equal. So, experiment with a couple of tools before you decide on the right one for you. You should make sure that the images you use get your audience to connect with your brand emotionally. How? By adding a personal touch that creates that necessary brand consistency.

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