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Multinational Luxury Assets Buyer, Seller & Lender



Vasco aims to acquire high end luxury assets or provide collateral lending opportunities to its clients.

Vasco aims to acquire high end luxury assets or provide collateral lending opportunities to its clients. The Vasco team came to Flying V Group to help them generate 200 leads per month, which Flying V Group blew out of the water.

As of this writing, the PPC campaign generates, on average, 275 leads per month with the same ad spend. This increase in leads has led to a revenue spike for Vasco Assets with certain months bringing in over $1M in one month.

The FVG team was able to isolate single keywords and create single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) that drove incredible CPC’s, quality scores, and conversion rates. These SKAG groups were also targeted to specific cities that had high density of wealthy individuals through demographic research. We segmented the entire campaign into certain service/products types to create granular adjustment opportunities.

Vasco Assets is now one of the leaders in luxury asset acquisition and lending in all of Southern California.

Key Services

Web Development

Google Display Campaigns

Web Design

Landing Page Design


Achieved target Cost-Per-Conversion of under $90. A 35.7% reduction from previous CPC.


Reduced Cost-Per-Click by 56% to $6.42.


Increased average monthly revenue by 242% through PPC ads.


Improved conversion rate by 36% through redesign of landing pages.

“Everyone at Flying V Group is incredibly professional. They have tremendously helped with our marketing efforts and provide unique insight and expertise with our Google Ads campaigns, website, and landing page development. Very happy to have them on my side!”

Ari Mor

Owner, Vasco Assets

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Vasco Logo 20220725 011100 1
Vasco Logo 20220725 011100 1