Twitter and Crypto: What You Can And Can’t Do To Promote Your Brand

Twitter and Crypto: What You Can And Can’t Do To Promote Your Brand

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Sean Anthony thinks that Twitter would soon be the king of all social media platforms. He said that based on at least four reasons;

  1. It has a high organic reach and engagement rate
  2. You can find geniuses and their top-notch content on Twitter
  3. You have an unlimited number of followers
  4. Twitter is coming up with innovative ways to incorporate several cool features from other platforms into theirs, like communities, groups, reels, videos, audios, super followers, newsletters, and many more.

We also agree with him, because Twitter has remained one of the most effective places for connecting with people online. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or your role, Twitter is the place where you can find every important person for your business.

One way to build your audience and influence on Twitter is to run ads. We’ll discuss Twitter and its advertisements in this post. Let’s start with the basics.

What are Twitter Ads, and How Much Does a Twitter Ad Cost?

Twitter ads are just like any other tweet. Only that they have been marked with the “promoted” tag. Twitter ads come in the form of Promoted Ads, Follower Ads, and Trend Takeovers.

The cost of each of these Twitter ads depends on many factors, including your audience size and the engagement level you’re targeting. You may be charged based on the number of people who viewed your ads, those who clicked on a link or even watched your video ad. The more followers you have, the more expensive it is.

The good thing with Twitter ads is that you can decide how much you want to spend on your ads. Like any form of ad, you can bid the price in an auction. For instance, your budget can range from $5 to $100 per engagement, depending on how many followers you have and what sort of action you want people to take (following, retweeting, etc).

However, there are no hard rules when it comes to setting prices. You can experiment with different levels until you find what works best for your budget and at the same time helps you reach goals.

As we mentioned earlier, Twitter is one of the leading platforms where you can reach a lot of quality audiences. This makes it ideal for businesses to build an audience. But what about cryptocurrency businesses? Can they also run Twitter ads and build their following?

Social Media Platforms Versus Cryptocurrency

When the crypto markets were in their infancy, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were the best channels for cryptocurrency companies to promote their brands, products, and services.

But as the industry matured, some of these platforms began to ban ICO and other forms of crypto advertisements,  even though they still allow other businesses to buy ads. They did this to protect their users from crypto scams and frauds.

This has left crypto startups with fewer ways to reach new audiences on social media. All hope is not lost yet. Apart from Twitter, there are other platforms where you can freely run crypto ads. We’ll discuss that later. In the meantime, let’s reiterate the things you’re not allowed to do with Twitter ads if you’re in the crypto niche.

What You Can’t Do with Twitter Ads

Every business can do whatever they deem necessary for their business to thrive. However, the same cannot be said about crypto businesses;

You can’t buy Twitter ads to promote ICOs and token sales.

That’s right. If you want to advertise your crypto-based business on Twitter, you can’t use their advertising platform. Why?

Twitter has a specific policy that says they “do not allow financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings, or cryptocurrency.”

Hence, no matter the good intentions you have with your crypto business that’ll save the world, you can’t run the ads on Twitter. Facebook and Instagram also have similar policies for crypto brands.

While some of the most exciting opportunities for crypto are not yet possible on Twitter and other big social media networks, there are still many effective ways to use this platform to promote your brand.

This begs the question;

Which Social Media Platforms Allow Cryptocurrency Ads?

As we said already, you can’t run crypto ads on the most popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, because they are banning or have already banned crypto and its related ads.

That doesn’t mean you can’t run ads at all!

Some platforms are solely made for crypto networks to advertise their products or run ads. They are;

  • CoinZilla
  • Coinverti
  • Dragon X
  • AdEx Network
  • Bitmedia


CoinZilla is one of the most popular crypto ad platforms out there. It offers various forms of ads including CPM (cost per thousand impressions), PPC (pay per click), and even CPC ads. They help you customize your ads according to your budget and your audience. With CoinZilla, you can reach potential customers across the globe.

One cool feature we like about CoinZilla is that it only supports quality sellers and authentic businesses. They have a system that checks the quality of your business before they agree to run your ads. Therefore, if you’re planning a crypto scam on CoinZilla, kindly reconsider your decision.


Coinverti is known to provide reliable ad solutions for crypto businesses. They provide banner ads, pop-ups, in-feed ads, and what have you. According to Lunar Strategy, Coinverti has mechanisms that detect bot and spam traffic. It also has real-time metrics that can help you keep your eyes on the performance of your ad campaign.

Dragon X

Dragon X is an ad platform that gives crypto entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach new customers. According to them, all their ads are resistant to ad-blocking software. Hence, their ads can easily reach every crypto enthusiast. Therefore, maximum return on investment is assured. Their primary cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

AdEx Network

One unique feature of AdEx Network is its transparency in the advertisement. It is a crypto ad platform that ensures that its users are protected from fraud and their privacy is protected. With AdEx Network, you can run various forms of display advertisements, including mp4 files.


According to them, Bitmedia is the number one Bitcoin and Crypto advertising network. It is said to attract about a billion impressions each month with over 20 million unique visitors. These metrics make it really the best place to run your crypto ads. It offers a wide range of targeting options like devices, demographics, age, etc and has various types of ads.

Like CoinZilla and the rest, Bitmedia has a series of quality checks that ensure that every ad is legit. Therefore, there is minimal fraud and span on the platform.

So you see, Twitter is not the only place you can run ads. Yet, we would still recommend that you use Twitter to promote your crypto business. We mentioned the reason already, but we’ll do that again. Twitter is the platform that allows you to reach the widest range of audiences and meet the best influencers. Therefore, even if you can’t run ads on Twitter, you can use it for other things that would be very relevant to your crypto business.

Let’s see what you can do with Twitter ads.

What You Can Do with Twitter Ads

You can’t run ads for your products on Twitter, but you can do any of the following things;

You Can Connect with Crypto Influencers and Thought-Leaders

The crypto and blockchain world has its own set of influencers, who have established themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Their followers trust them to provide accurate information about the industry. They are willing to take advice from these influencers because they know that they have tested the products or services that these crypto experts recommend.

This is an amazing opportunity for brands looking to promote their brand on Twitter. You can work with someone like Max Keiser (the host of RT’s Keiser Report and is known as the High Priest of Bitcoin) who has an audience of over half a million people—more than most publications!

Connecting with such influencers helps you do something called influencer marketing. Influencer marketing involves leveraging the audience and authority of subject matter experts on social media to drive traffic to your business, introduce new eyeballs to your business, and grow your audience.

With influencer marketing, you can turbocharge your crypto marketing strategy and drive a lot of traffic to your crypto business on Twitter. So even if you can’t run ads to grow your audience, you can find an audience from the large audiences of influencers.

Twitter Can Help You Build Communities and Groups

If you are interested in building brand awareness and a community, Twitter is the perfect place for you.

Community building is an essential part of any successful business’s strategy because it helps you create relationships with your customers that can lead to brand awareness and loyalty.

When people feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves, they’re more likely to be loyal customers who will recommend your product or service through word-of-mouth marketing.

Community-building also gives you access to valuable feedback about what features customers would like to be added or improved upon in future products and services.

Without this feedback loop, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for businesses like yours to make a product/service tailored specifically for one niche audience (crypto enthusiasts), especially if you don’t have any idea about what kinds of things might make them happy.

With twitter communities, you can create and nurture a ‘tribe’ of people who are interested in your crypto services. With times, these raving fans would turn into customers whom you’ll sell your products.

Twitter is a Great Way to Advertise to Crypto Audiences in General

Crypto audiences are on Twitter. Not everyone who is into cryptocurrency will indeed use Twitter, but there are plenty of them there.

For example, CoinDesk published a report stating that over 35% of the world’s top 100 cryptocurrency investors use the platform. Hence, you can use the platform to talk about your brand, give company news, share customer testimonials, and generally build awareness around your brand without running specific ads to sell your products.

It is worth noting that Twitter has a pretty strict policy when it comes to crypto advertisements, but at the same time it isn’t very clear about its stance on the matter.

While it does ban promoted tweets from companies that promote ICOs (initial coin offerings), initial coin swaps, or token generation events, the platform doesn’t have an official policy regarding the sale of tokens themselves. Neither does it ban their discussion entirely.

Therefore, you can run promoted tweets that give more information about your company without mentioning any ICO or cryptocurrency name.

This method is worth trying, because crypto audiences are active on Twitter, and they’re more likely than average users to interact with brands through tweets and replies.

In short, you can tweet about crypto news without promoting an ICO or token sale. You can also retweet another account’s tweet about crypto-related content that your audience would appreciate.

Simply allow your creative juices to flow, and you’ll find innovative ways to create awareness and even generate sales on Twitter without running ads. The possibilities are endless!

Crypto Can be Promoted in Videos on Twitter, but some Regulations Must be Followed

Apart from tweeting and retweeting crypto news, another best way to show off what you do, how you help people, and build a community is through video ads on Twitter.

But before putting any video out there, it’s important to understand all of the regulations that go along with it;

  • Video ads must be less than 30 seconds in length (with an exception for longer videos if they are the first ad in an ad series)
  • Video ads must be hosted on a video platform that is compliant with the Twitter video advertising policy
  • Video ads must be marked as sponsored
  • You can use hashtags or geotags if you want to promote your brand or product in certain areas or locations where people may have access to them

The next thing to remember is to have fun while crafting your branding strategy. A bit of playfulness could make your brand intriguing to your audience. Take a look at the Ricola Cough Drops packaging; a classic example of having fun!

You Can Run a Successful Crypto Ad Campaign on Twitter Even if You Can’t Sell Tokens or Coins

As we’ve already discussed, the big problem with running an ad campaign is that it doesn’t allow you to promote your product or service directly.

You have to be careful about what you say in the ad copy and where people click when they see it, so as not to run afoul of Twitter’s terms and conditions.

But there are still plenty of ways for you to use Twitter ads to drive traffic back to your website or landing pages. All that matters is that people take action after seeing one of your ads (whether it’s visiting your website, downloading an ebook, or signing up for a newsletter).

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that your crypto ads are successful is by following the rules. With Twitter’s recent crackdown on crypto-related content, it’s more important than ever to stay up to date on what type of information you can post and what kind of content is prohibited.

You can also make sure that any promotions are clear about who they are being offered by or sponsored by so users know exactly what they’re getting into before clicking through.

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