seo checklist 110 actionable steps for seo success in 2021

SEO Checklist: 110+ Actionable Steps for SEO Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

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SEO is one digital marketing technique that evolves rapidly especially with each new Google update or algorithm change. With the latest Core Web Vitals initiative, Google has specified certain factors that are important in a web page for an enhanced overall user experience. These factors can help improve your site’s ranking, which will help drive traffic to your site. Similar to these updates, there are other on-page and off-page SEO factors that Google considers when ranking a web page. Implementing these best SEO practices on your website will help you to boost user experience, leading to reduced bounce rate and greater conversion.

If you search online, you’ll come across numerous SEO factors that are ‘deemed’ important for the success of a website. Some of these may be helpful, but if you are not aware of the latest changes, you may unintentionally end up implementing SEO techniques that can do more harm than good for your website. In such a scenario, having a complete SEO checklist can help. Thus, to ensure you stay away from Google penalty and avoid SEO mistakes, here is a comprehensive guide on the best actionable SEO techniques of 2021 that’ll help boost your traffic as well as rankings.

This guide comes in the form of an infographic and is divided into 7 essential SEO checklists. From basic SEO to on-page, off-page and advanced SEO strategies, this infographic has listed all you need to know about SEO in 2021. The best part, all of these factors can help you to improve your site’s performance, functionality as well as speed. This, in turn, can help you to improve the user experience, which is the top most requirement for online success. SEO provides long-term benefits when the implementation is done the right way. As such, check out this infographic now and for more information, refer to this SEO guide.

SEO Checklist: 110+ Actionable Steps for SEO Success in 2021 (Updated)


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March 16, 2021



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