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Investing in Tech is a Business Must in the Digital Age

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There’s no denying that the world is being run by technology. Not that we’re complaining! The fact is, tech just makes various aspects of our lives, and running our businesses, so much easier.

Case in point: If you are a business owner your operations will benefit from the right tech, in more ways than one. It will do you and your business well to do the due diligence and sift through the multitude of available tools, apps, software, platforms, etc.. These tools are easily accessible and once you determine the best ones to serve you, there are many ways that you can use technology to run your business more efficiently and successfully.

When it comes to business, you always want to put your best foot forward. This essentially means offering products or services that appeal to your target client base. More often than not, a product or service that they need (i.e., solves a problem) will already be compelling enough. However, attraction can be a great deal more powerful, so positioning your offerings in such a way that makes customers want them enough to buy them is even more necessary.

With that end in mind, it’s a very good idea to invest in tools that support your business’s aesthetics. At the most fundamental level, this will include photo and video-editing software, as well as graphic design apps that amplify your products and designs. Bear in mind that humans are visual creatures, after all, so be very mindful of the optics.

Of course, if your artistic and/or technical skills are limited in this regard, you can also consider working with designers to elevate your brand design. Hiring a 3D artist who is skilled in animation, video, and various imagery can provide a new dimension to print design and bring your videos — and by extension, your marketing efforts — to the next level.

Marketing Your Business with Technology

Speaking of marketing, there’s really no question that this is an aspect of your business that needs to be given plenty of time and thought. It can even be said that marketing can make or break a business, and for very good reasons. After all, it is not only a way of reaching customers and getting your products and services known to them, but it is — just as importantly — a way to show them that you value them and that you are listening to them.

Now, there is no shortage of marketing software that you should have in your toolkit. As a matter of fact, there are several ways you can effectively market your products and services online using different platforms, running the gamut from email to social media and so many others. In turn, each one of these platforms has its own set of potentially amazing and effective marketing tools, which, admittedly, can make choosing the right apps quite the tall order.

No doubt, a great way to narrow down the marketing software you need is, of course, by having a marketing strategy to start with. It would be very wise to look to the pros and start with a digital marketing strategy analysis. From there, a digital marketing strategy specific to your business can be created, which will invariably include content marketing, search engine optimization for your website, social media marketing, and more

Cybersecurity Considerations

Moving forward, it’s very important to note that your responsibilities to your customers do not end with great products or stellar service or even excellent care after service. With the majority of transactions being done via tech — particularly the internet — in one way or the other, the constant flow and storage of data are inevitable. Sadly, there are people who have made it their life’s work to exploit vulnerabilities that allow them access to this precious customer data, making it your obligation as a business owner to enforce cybersecurity measures. This is why it is important to know your data breach compensation rights.

However, as always, there’s a good number of software and apps that can help you to this end. Investing in cybersecurity tools that ensure data and information security, network integrity, and application safety will be one of your best business decisions yet. Note that as you protect your customers’ data, you are protecting yourself at the same time, too, as the liability of data breaches generally falls on the business.

Business Processes

Now, let’s not forget that you also need to invest in the right platforms to actually run your business. Such software will, of course, be highly specific to the business you are running. But in a nutshell, these are the tools and platforms that allow your business processes to run smoothly and efficiently, often with the aim of eliminating the need for human intervention.

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to look into automation software. Keeping this high level and general to encompass a variety of business types, there’s a good number of business functions that you should look into automating. These functions, in turn, have their respective automation tools that you can consider (as it applies to your business), which you will undoubtedly find to be quite a worthy pursuit as it definitely makes running your business so much easier.

Collaboration Technology

As with any business, no doubt the lifeblood of yours is its people. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial that everyone in the team works together to ensure that the work flows smoothly and without a hitch and that each team member ultimately contributes to the strength and growth of the business. This, in turn, is why collaboration is important.

Of course, with great collaboration comes great collaboration tools. It goes without saying that these should be mainstays for your business, particularly when you work with a team. This is even more essential when you and your team are working remotely as it keeps everyone on the same page without being in the same room. However, even when you do work together under the same roof and see each other on a regular basis, you’ll likely find that collaboration tools are still must-haves to keep workloads and workflows in check.


Finally, know that in the course of running your business, your productivity might lag, your creativity might weaken, and your focus might dwindle. It’s actually just human nature to get distracted, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, invest in productivity tools that help you manage your time better and push you to focus when you need to be on point. You may find that being held accountable can help keep you motivated, and such tools can do exactly that.

Suffice to say, this age of modern technology is truly a great time to be a business owner. While grit, savviness, and hard work are still very much needed for your business to succeed and grow, you can also thank your lucky stars that there’s an app for just about everything under the sun these days to help you get the work done, and more efficiently at that. With the right tools and software in your business arsenal, you are almost guaranteed business success— you just need to take it from there and fill in the blanks.

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Written by Robb Fahrion

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. Robb has helped over 350+ companies build their businesses online and is responsible for building Flying V Group into one of the premier marketing agencies in the United States. Robb and his team have managed over $10M in marketing budget and continue to accelerate the growth of clients' businesses. A love for business and competition is what fuels Robb to create dynamic marketing plans to help his clients grow exponentially.

June 5, 2020



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