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Here’s How FVG leverages Tiered Link Building to Potentially Double Traffic at Minimally Added Costs

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Digital marketing has taken all sorts of turns in recent times, rendering some techniques obsolete and yet others more useful than ever. Interestingly, there is one SEO strategy that has survived the tests of time when it comes to increase rankings for targeted pages – link-building.

Link-building and link exchange as successful SEO strategies have been around for a long time. Asking other sites to add links to your pages either as paid link-building or link exchanges and creating valuable content worthy of organic backlinks is known to enhance domain authority and SEO

But that’s not all.

With time, as niches have become more and more competitive, there is a need to try out new and improved SEO strategies, and this is where tiered link-building fits in.

But is it legitimate? Can tiered link-building help your website win Google’s Page Rank algorithm game? How can you use it to  expedite your SEO and boost results?

Let’s dive deeper.

What is Tiered Link Building?

Simply put, tiered link building is about creating backlinks for your backlinks. The SEO-boosting tactic is often termed as a black hat SEO technique that intends to manufacture authority and pass PageRank to your webpage by creating and building tiered links in bulk.

Sounds complicated? Let’s simplify things further.

First things first – what are backlinks? A backlink is a link from one website page to another. If someone links to your site on their webpage, you can say you have received a backlink from them. For instance, you could receive a backlink from a guest post article you provided for a blog in your industry.

Now, if you log on to an online forum and answer a posted question by linking the above guest post for added information, that’s when you have created a tiered link. You just generated a backlink for your backlink, to be crisp.

Tiered link building, therefore, involves having a tier 1 backlink directed towards your main website, followed by a few tier 2 backlinks directing to the tier 1 backlink, followed by a few tier 3 backlinks directing to the tier 2 backlinks. The tiers so created form a “link pyramid”, the top/peak of which is your main website.

First Tier of Links: The links you create to your main website from other web pages (say A1, A2, A3). These are typically web 2.0 blog links like WordPress or Blogger, chiefly relevant and legitimate sources and quality content from trusted sites

Second Tier of Links: Generally, blog and forum comments, but may also include content from other websites, intending to boost the authority of first-tier links. Let’s name them B1, B2, B3.

Third Tier of Links: Not concerned with quality, relevance, or context; built only with the purpose of the building as many links as possible to your second-tier links. It doesn’t matter where they are from. Let’s call them C1, C2, and C3.

Taking a quick recap, tiered link building involves back-and-forth movement between these A-B-C exchanges and can turn out to be a powerful tool to boost traffic while minimizing costs.

The Benefits of Using Tiered Link Building

While the benefits of backlinks have often been debated, tiered link building is unanimously considered a powerful tool for improving search engine rankings. How? Let’s see.

Backlink Impact Magnified at Lower Costs

It is a known fact that creating high-quality backlinks is an expensive and time-consuming affair. Publishing a guest post on leading industry blogs to garner greater visibility can cost you anything between a few hundred to a thousand dollars, not to mention the time you would have to invest in writing and editing the post as per the blog’s high standards.

Consequently, you would be able to afford only a limited number of backlinks in this manner. Thankfully, tiered link building comes to the rescue.

Creating lower quality backlinks to your original backlinks will neither cost you much nor take much time to create. You can even create them in bulk at a small fraction of the cost for creating high-quality tier 1 backlinks, whereas the impact on your website’s SEO could very well be magnified.

Easier Risk Management

By creating lower quality tier 2 backlinks, you have greater authority in hand to control their degree of separation from your main website.

Whenever you feel a second or third-tier backlink is too poor quality-wise or is not working in your favor, you can easily remove it from your profile. The best part is that removals can be carried out in bulk batches, without impacting your main website negatively.

Room for Bolder Experiments

Since your tier 2 and tier 3 websites are not directly targeted towards your main website, they do not have any direct influence on the website either, unlike primary backlinks. Neither their quality nor their compliance with Google’s guidelines has any immediate impact on your main website.

This leaves you with much more leverage when it comes to experimenting with tiered backlinks. From new tools and platforms to a mixed bag of profiles and comments, you can easily use the trial-and-error method for some time to gauge what works and what does not. Later, you can chalk out which backlinks are not working for you and have them removed, even in bulk, without impacting the main website.

No More Frowning on Self Promotion

Tiered link building opens up fresher, less obvious avenues for self-promotion. Since you are creating backlinks for other pages/websites and not yours directly, you can considerably reduce the risk of being called out for self-promotion.

Integrating Tiered Link Building into Your SEO Strategy

Tiered link building is generally considered a black hat SEO practice chiefly because Google frowns upon the “creation” of links to promote a website. Google’s guidelines stress the usage of natural linking alone, besides terming paid link building schemes as proliferators of low quality or optimized content.

Another fact to consider here is that Google does not tolerate automated link-building tools, which unfortunately many online businesses resort to for manipulating the system.

At FVG, our experienced team helps you tackle exactly these issues, by helping make tiered link building as seamless, natural, and quality-controlled as possible. How do we do this?

We help identify the best articles and pages from your website in terms of content quality, and pitch these in the form of “link outreach”. What this does is add more value to external content, thus making link-building beneficial to readers in the long term.

We place due to focus on relevance, context, and value instead of just volume or number of backlinks. This way we ensure that you are not violating Google’s standards and inviting any strict actions against your activities.

While link exchange and link building are tried and tested ways of successful SEO, at FVG we are motivated towards helping you steer clear of questionable strategies by making the process as natural as possible. Trust us to be your best partners on the road to a successful online presence!

Wondering how to get started? We are experts in tiered link building and link exchange and would be happy to help you with your efforts. Talk to us today and get ahead with your content marketing strategy.


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Written by Robb Fahrion

Robb Fahrion is a Co-Founder and Partner of Flying V Group. Robb has helped over 350+ companies build their businesses online and is responsible for building Flying V Group into one of the premier marketing agencies in the United States. Robb and his team have managed over $10M in marketing budget and continue to accelerate the growth of clients' businesses. A love for business and competition is what fuels Robb to create dynamic marketing plans to help his clients grow exponentially.

March 25, 2022



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