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We always keep talking about how blogs are still some of the best tools available to a digital marketer. Some frown at this statement, but mostly it is not something up for debate. We proved this time and again, and the story from this client is genuinely another testament to the fact that good blogs can still get you traffic, and most importantly, conversions.

We at FVG focus a lot on creating good and actionable content that helps the audience learn new things and solve their problems. This approach has been at the core of most of the work we do. It is not just about the quantity, but about the quality of each content piece and how well optimized it is. Creating content is half the job. There should also be a proper process that disseminates the content across the various channels to drive more traffic and ultimately get new signups and conversions.

This case study goes into detail about our work with Pareto Labs, an online education platform that creates business courses for professionals. Founded in 2021, the organization is growing and needed support from a digital marketing agency to take its marketing outreach to the next level. That’s where FVG came in!

Let us take a deeper look at what Pareto Labs does, and how FVG’s approach helped them achieve significant success in their marketing efforts.

Who is Pareto Labs?

Pareto Labs aims to take business concepts and make them accessible and available to everyone, even if one does not have a business background. Pareto Lab’s courses mostly deal with business concepts such as finance and leadership. The approach is to take content that could be hard to understand and to break them down into simpler concepts.

The courses also deal with understanding broader concepts like how companies work and make money, as well as bringing insights and tips from industry experts to the learners. Most of these concepts are hard to learn in school and often are the missing link in the overall education process.

What Was the Problem Statement?

The most important aspect of the campaign was of course getting new signups for their courses. But beyond this, there was a real need to expand marketing activities, create more content, improve the search rankings, and understand what channels work best and are the most profitable for marketing campaigns.

The existing strategy did incorporate a few blogs and had a few ad campaigns running too, but these were not generating sufficient results, and the ROI suffered. The content being created did not rank well, and overall, the campaign was performing below the benchmarks expected. There was a real need to find solutions and optimize marketing spend.

What Was FVG’s Approach?

FVG took over the project and the first steps in the process involved creating an overall strategy for digital marketing which focused on creating good content consistently and using this content to drive traffic and conversions. The content marketing campaign was supported with ads on Google and Facebook to further boost the campaign performance.

Content Creation- How Did it Work?

Before the campaign began, the content was being created in-house, and there were around 4-5 pieces of content being created a month. One of the first things we did was to expand this content creation and reach around 15 blogs a month, a huge jump in terms of numbers and production.

There was also a focus on the quality of content and not just on the number of pieces being created. The FVG team worked closely with the Pareto labs’ team to come up with a keyword strategy that focused on some of the important keywords that they needed to rank for, in relation to the courses that were on the platform.

Once this approach was finalized, the next step was to identify subject matter experts who could write these blogs. The FVG team further optimized these pieces for SEO and posted these to the website regularly.

Several experienced professionals were roped in to create content that resonated with the audience and also helped them understand the concepts at a deeper level. These content pieces were also linked to the relevant courses from the catalog, thereby helping in driving conversions from the traffic.

Some of the topics that were covered were in-depth and complex, like how to read financial statements, and how to find net income. There was also a focus on areas like team management and leadership which are quite popular themselves but at the same time could be complex to explain in blogs.

SEO optimization was another important aspect of this too. Most of the keywords that we were dealing with had stiff competition. The strategy and the approach had to be perfect to improve rankings and to realize conversions.

What Was the Impact?

The campaign was a stellar success on almost all of the benchmarks we set before we began. The biggest number was of course the conversions. For the period of the campaign, the blogs created directly resulted in a 211% increase in conversions as compared to the previous period prior to the campaign.

The total impressions also jumped by 251% resulting in over 28k total impressions. The traffic numbers also showed the same trend, with an overall increase of 217% over the period prior to the campaign.

SEO was an important aspect of the campaign. There was a big jump in the average ranking, which went from 44 in the period prior to the campaign to 23 during the campaign. For keywords that are as competitive as these, this is quite a significant movement, and it did result in overall organic traffic increasing manifolds.

For Pareto Labs, the results held another significance. Being a young and hungry startup, it was important to understand the market in more detail, and also figure out what channels work best, and how content needs to be created. The campaign data was invaluable in that respect. FVG’s advanced reporting ensured that there was a large amount of data being collected at a granular level, and also across the various channels.


The Pareto Labs case study shows how content can still drive a significant competitive advantage for businesses. There are quite a few aspects that need to be considered but when done well, the results will speak for themselves.

For a startup whose sole focus is on getting more users on board, working with an established digital marketing agency like FVG had its advantages. We were able to take a more big picture approach to their digital marketing needs, including SEO, content, and paid advertising. Having a comprehensive strategy helped them drive greater value from their marketing spending.

The success is a testament to the power of good content. It also shows that good content can also be SEO friendly, and there are significant gains to be realized from bringing the two aspects together. For FVG, this is another happy client and a lot more conviction on our approach to content and digital marketing!


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December 16, 2021



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