How We Did It

ATCG Labs is a biomedical lab that handles all sorts of testing including blood work, diagnostics, and more. ATCG turned to Flying V Group in order to improve their testing facility brand awareness and to fill their calendar with appointments as quickly as possible.

When we first took over the account all of the service offering types were grouped into one campaign. We immediately broke out the services into individual campaigns in order to have better control over ad spend bifurcation. Through research, we identified that a majority of ad spend was being allocated to ATCG’s least profitable testing line. By segmenting the account, we were able to redirect over 75% more budget to their top two (2) most profitable testing units.

FVG also handled the SEO work for ATCG. We were able to increase their average keyword positioning from 38.1 to 20.5 by generating high quality backlinks and writing articles on specific high-intent keywords.

Overall, FVG generated an ROI of 12.5x their monthly investment. A huge win!

Key Services

Pay-Per-Click  Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Search Engine  Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Link Building

Link Building

Landing Page  Design

Landing Page Design



Improved CTR by 48% to drive more traffic to the website.


Generated an increase of 285% for testing appointments.

38.1 to 20.5

Increased average keyword position from 38.1 to 20.5.


Reduced Cost-Per-Conversion by 34% over the course of three (3) months.

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