Bottom of the Funnel Content: Optimizing Your Content to Generate Sales and Drive Growth

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A marketing funnel is a series of stages to guide prospects through the customer journey. This funnel helps marketers plan and measure efforts to attract, engage, and convert prospects through different content and various marketing materials, like ads and landing pages. Simply put, the funnel is created in 3 stages – awareness, consideration and conversion.

Traditionally, the marketing funnel model is linear, beginning at the top of the funnel and ending at the bottom, wherein the said prospect converts. What is critical to note is that these marketing funnels don’t always work in the same pattern; people do not necessarily enter in at the top and progress step-by-step to the bottom. Many people come in, out of, and around the funnel before they convert. Safe to say, like a person’s real-life buying behaviours, the marketing funnel too is not always linear, which is why it is important to understand the customer journey from the start, which is awareness to the end, that is conversion.

Once a visitor learns more about your business or product and progresses towards the bottom of the funnel, they would require that last bit of content to convert them into a customer. And that’s where bottom-funnel content comes into play. This article details out how you can optimize your bottom of the funnel content to generate sales and drive growth.

A Little About Bottom of the Funnel

BOTF or bottom of the funnel content is a critical part of the marketing funnel as this is where the final conversion happens and also where the most optimization is required. Unlike the top of the funnel content, wherein customer queries and problems need to be solved, the bottom is where business’s need to show why their product is the best solution for their target customer. This is achieved by focusing on how your product has worked with other people similar to your target audience and by addressing how and why it is better than the competitor’s products. This leads to a trust-based sale, where customers are confident about their purchase.

Not all those who visit your page are on the hunt to make an immediate purchase. Being prepared with the right content marketing content, especially at the bottom, is crucial to land sales.

BOTF content includes different formats such as case studies, customer reviews, and user cases. It is essential to choose the right format according to your business model.

As we have established, the BOTF is the last place prospective customers go before they convert. Once you have successfully gotten their attention, you need to give them specific reasons to choose your brand over competitors. Your business can do this by:

  • Offering a trial or demo so the customer can experience your product or service first-hand.
  • Curate a how-to guide for customer convenience.
  • Customer reviews and testimonies are ideal to add to their trust.
  • Formulate feature and price comparison charts
  • Creating segmented email marketing campaigns and using on-site surveys—for instance, targeting users that have abandoned their shopping cart, or put an exit survey on the checkout page.

Why Is BOTF Content Important?

While top of the funnel content is crucial for generating leads and middle of the funnel content is necessary to guide customers along the sales funnel, it is the content at the bottom of the funnel that will guide those leads into purchasing your product. BOTF content is the true lead generation and sales channel for content marketing efforts.

Experts say that the best BOTF content is that which provides a specific solution to the visitors problems and leaves them with a positive feeling about your brand. This stage in a business’s marketing strategy mustn’t have vague information; content like customer testimonials, demos, product comparisons or data sheets, and other types of content that can influence prospects in their decision stage.

Showing situations that your target group has been in, and then giving real examples of what your business did to improve that situation encourages a prospective customer to consider that you may be the right partner for them.

Content Formats that Work Best at the Bottom of the Sales Funnel

Once a visitor has already moved through your sales funnel, they’ve found your website and have joined your email list. Now, SEO and lead generation become lower priorities for the content that will be created. New priorities that fit the current liaison take their place. For instance, based on how your customer shops, offline access may be an important trait of your bottom-of-the-funnel content.

Here are a few content formats that work well through the bottom funnel:

Downloadable/PDF Content

A product brochure in PDF format is a simple and easily accessible content format that can be used for almost anything.

A PDF format is user friendly and can be used for email, printing, and can be accessed on any device. More so, they can easily be incorporated into other types of communication, like free courses, and webinars.

Interactive Videos

When visitors can see your business team on video, it helps them build a relationship with your business. Videos are also one of the easiest ways to showcase your products, its utilities and benefits.

Brand Alternative Pages

Usually, people with the intent of buying often Google things like “Canon EOS DSLR”, giving businesses a great opportunity to create content that shows how their product is the best alternative to the said competitors. Here, you can make  an emphasis on the lacking features your competitor has, but your product excels at.

Pricing Page

Very often, visitors just want to compare prices. Great pricing pages show different plans for different types of customers with different types of budget.  Essentially a table that compares each available plan works well for many who want to know what exactly they will get at the said rate.

Optimizing your BOTF Content

If you want to create a successful business, you need to accept and make the most of all the stages of the sales funnel. And as mentioned above, BOTF content is the most important stage, as this is where the conversion happens.

Below are a few best practices for creating BOTF content that drives growth:

  • Include CTAs.
  • Measure the right KPIs.
  • Curate tailor-made content for your buyers.
  • Talk about your product
  • Describe and sell your product.

The Takeaway

It is imperative to be mindful that every customer experiences your marketing funnel differently. Many times, customers may jump directly to the middle or bottom of the funnel because they’re already aware of their problem and your solution, and are ready to purchase. What is important is to create a distinctive marketing funnel tailored to how your buyer wants to buy instead of how you would like to sell

Not surprisingly, the audience at the bottom of the funnel is smaller, which means that businesses have to narrow their focus and get specific. In order to convert leads into customers, you need to help the leads envision what it is like to have the product or service at their disposal. The aim needs to be to convince leads your solution is superior to the competition and can solve their unique problems.


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December 21, 2021



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