A Complete Guide to Facebook Law Firm Advertising

A Complete Guide to Facebook Law Firm Advertising

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Are you finding it difficult to boost your law firm’s ROI?

Facebook is the 2nd most used social media medium for lawyers and law firms with up to 60%. 

Law firms are, by definition, social. Attorneys develop professional relationships with potential clients, members of the community, and other lawyers. In reality, most lawyers rely heavily on referrals for a large portion of their business, and the social side of the work translates well into Facebook for lawyers.


(Source: Postcron)

We have put together this exciting read to show you the best Facebook audience insights tools and opportunities your law firm can capitalize on for your Facebook law firm advertising.

Here’s what we’ve got covered:

  • What types of law firms can Facebook ads work for?
  • How do you know if an ad is working or not?
  • Creating compelling ads for your target audience
  • What is the most effective technique to track the performance of your Facebook ads?
  • What are some insights on how law firms can better leverage their Facebook ads?
  • How hiring an ad agency can help scale your Facebook campaigns

Let’s dive in!

What Types of Law Firms Can Facebook Ads Work For?


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Because law firms are service-based, they should advertise where people are, and Facebook provides the most value to law firms in this regard. In addition, Facebook has a very diverse and broad user base. Even better, with over 1.93 billion daily active users as of the fourth quarter of 2021, this massive user base is precious for anyone needing to reach a vast audience.

Hence, Facebook law firm advertising works for law firms that want to take the business aspect of their firm to where people are. The types of law firms include but are not limited to those specializing on: 

  • Family & divorce 
  • Estate planning
  • Immigration 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Personal injury 
  • Employment 
  • Mass-tort 
  • Criminal defense

How Do You Know If an Ad is Working or Not?

So, you have spent a few bucks on Facebook advertising for attorneys. But, how can you tell whether your ads are working?

While marketing your law firm, monitoring your ads to know whether they are working or not is crucial to the success of your campaign. Fortunately, Facebook gives you warning lights on your campaigns to alert you if things are not going well. 

These lights, referred to as Relevance Score indicators, score your ads from one to ten, where one is horrible, and ten is incredible.

Facebook calculates relevance scores based on the number of positive and negative feedback they expect your ads to get from your target audience. Your relevance score increases as you keep getting positive interactions but decreases when people report or hide your ads. However, your ads will not be impacted by relevance score if they have guaranteed delivery, that is if you bought them through reach and frequency.

Meanwhile, the impact of relevance score on cost and delivery for brand awareness campaigns is low because such ads are optimized to reach people, not drive people to perform a specific action.

Creating Compelling Ads For Your Target Audience

Creating engaging Facebook advertising for attorneys that will appeal to your target clients is critical since it is how you visually communicate and promote your firm to the world. But if your ads are not visually appealing, cause confusion, or are just plain dull, it will be difficult to gain clients’ attention.

If you're ready, let's dive into the secrets of producing captivating Facebook law firm advertising for your target clients.

1. Keep Your Landing Page Similar to Your Advertisement

Advertisements make promises to readers: “click here to obtain these.” High bounce rates can jeopardize your Facebook ads ROI if you create landing page designs and Facebook advertising for attorneys designs that aren't visually in harmony!


(Source: Brafton)

Colors, fonts, and picture groupings are all shared design components across the advert and the landing page. 

When creating your ad and landing page, keep in mind that common elements should be used so that readers can quickly migrate from Facebook to your webpage and other resources.

2. Use the Appropriate Photos

The type and size of images you use in your advertising reflect you on Facebook for lawyers, so make sure they are well-chosen (or custom-made) photos that capture your readers' attention and convey a story about your company.

3. Consider Color Psychology

When creating a Facebook law firm advertising, the colors you use might be equally as essential as the photos or content you use. In fact, according to a study published in Management Decision, color accounts for 90% of all rapid judgments regarding things.

Lawyers can utilize color to draw readers' attention by creating contrast, identifying your firm's identity (such as Facebook's shade of blue), and linking your firm with specific emotions or sensations.


(Source: Syspree)

According to science, different colors can have different psychological effects on other people. For example, older people prefer short-wavelength colors like purple and blue, whereas younger people prefer bright colors like orange and red.

4. Make Your Value Pitch and Call to Action as Straightforward as Possible

According to Facebook, smartphone users spend an average of 1.7s on each post, and most people check Facebook up to 14 times a day. Design your ad to catch their attention by incorporating your value proposition into the imagery and making your CTA simple and to the point.


(Source: Trust Pulse)

5. Make Sure Your Image Sizes are Correct

Once you've begun constructing your ad, double-check that your photos or videos are the proper size and aspect ratio. Images that are not adequately prepared can be distorted, grainy, or challenging to see. On the other hand, you can squeeze in all necessary information with the appropriate aspect ratio while avoiding wasted space or uncomfortable margins.

6. Use Split Testing to Identify the Most Effective Facebook Ad Design

It will always be challenging to forecast how the audience will react to an advertisement, regardless of how much you do or learn. Split testing allows advertisers to determine which of your ad performs better to learn and adjust in the future. 

AdEspresso split testing, and  A/B testing on Facebook are two popular methods for running a split test.

What Is the Most Effective Technique to Track the Performance of Your Facebook Ads?

Facebook law firm advertising, when done correctly, may perform wonderfully for a law firm. 

Since we’ve dealt with Facebook’s resource for tracking the performance of your law firm Facebook ads, called the Relevance Score, here are some actions you may do to see if your campaign is increasing sales and engagement.

1. Calculate the Return on Investment


Source: Business Insider Africa)

Your Facebook ads ROI tells you whether you're making money for the money you're spending. The Facebook law firm advertising platforms provide a column that displays the ROI of your campaign throughout its life.

Congratulations if your return on investment percentage is positive! If it's negative, you're investing money in a campaign that won't last.

2. Analyze Awareness

When conducting Facebook ad campaigns, it's interesting to know how many people see your advertising. It can be measured using two key performance indicators.


Reach refers to the total number of individuals who viewed your post. For example, if 100 people saw your Facebook PPC for lawyers ads, your reach would be 100.


This is the number of times your content was viewed by people, even if the same person saw the ad many times. If your ad were displayed to 100 people, each of whom saw it twice, you would have 200 impressions.

The significance of these indicators varies based on the type and aims of your campaign. A campaign geared for link clicks, for example, will not need to monitor awareness, whereas one optimized for attention will.

3. Keep Track of the Conversion Rate

If you ask any Facebook for lawyers marketer what the most important metric is, we are sure they'll say "conversion rate." It is the percentage of advert viewers who become paying clients.

For a good reason, the conversion rate is one of the most significant KPIs. Regardless of the sort of campaign you create, your goal is to increase conversions. Therefore, you should expect more conversions from subsequent campaigns to pay off in the long run.

4. Evaluate Participation

Engagement refers to any metric that indicates someone interacted with your content, such as comments, likes, clicks, and shares.

The significance of these indicators will vary based on the type of campaign. A campaign geared for conversions, for example, should concentrate on monetary measures, whereas a campaign optimized for reach would prioritize engagement KPIs. Why? Because likes and shares can boost an ad post's organic reach.

High engagement rates indicate that your advert engages Facebook ad algorithms, providing lawyers with more reason to show the ad to your target audience.

5. Keep Track of the Click-Through Rate

The CTR (click-through rate) is the percentage of people who click your link after viewing the ad is the CRT (click-through rate). The average click-through rate for a Facebook ad is 0.9 percent across all industries and 1.61% for the legal industry.


(Source: WordStream)

The click-through rate for paid Facebook law firm advertising is crucial since it indicates ad quality. The more people who see your ad and click on the link, the more compelling and engaging the ad becomes.

Furthermore, a good CTR might be a money saver in ads paid for impressions.

What Are Some Insights On How Law Firms Can Better Leverage Their Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the world's largest social media network and may as well be the most beneficial platform for advertising your legal company.

If you're seeking ideas on how your company may make better use of Facebook PPC for lawyers ads, this article will get you started on the best Facebook audience insights tools.

1. Create a Facebook Page for Your Law Company

If you haven't already done so, one of the first steps toward understanding Facebook ads for lawyers is to develop your law firm's own Facebook profile. Having a dedicated Facebook page will aid in the organic growth of your brand's exposure and, maybe, inspire reviews.

Make sure to optimize your Facebook page following Facebook's best practices to ensure success when developing Facebook.

It includes: 

  • Using high-quality videos, GIFs, and  images
  • Creating engaging copy that persuades your potential clients to take an action
  • Tailoring your ads to your target clients

2. Identify Your Audience

You're not advertising to just anyone for Facebook ads for legal firms. Social media platforms have many targeting possibilities, allowing you to target those most inclined to collaborate with you.

3. Create a Budget and a Timetable

When deciding how to finance for your Facebook ads for law firms, you have a few options:

The Daily Budget vs. the Lifetime Budget

It is simple: You may set an average budget for how much you'll spend on Facebook ads for law firms every day, or you can set a maximum spending for the period that your ads are promoted. For example, you may pay $20 per day for 20 days, for a total of $200.

If you want to maintain your ads’ costs under control, a Lifetime Budget is a good option, but you won't be able to run your ads indefinitely—you'll need to pick a start and end date. 

Meanwhile, the disadvantage of using a Daily Budget is that if your ad is working extraordinarily well, it will cease displaying once it hits the amount for the day—so budget wisely.

4. Determine the Goal of Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

On the first page of Ads Manager, you will be asked to select an aim for your Facebook ad campaign. It is a critical initial step since Facebook will optimize your advertising based on your select goal.

While there are many campaign objectives to pick from, you'll probably want to stay with these two:


It is ideal for directing a Facebook user to your law firm's website.


It is a great way to get Facebook users to achieve a specific objective on your site.

5. Design Your Facebook Ad

You may accomplish this in two ways: create a new advert from scratch or leverage an existing post.

If you're starting from scratch, you'll need to include a Primary Text and the URL of your post. We would also suggest including a Headline. Feel free to experiment with different Headlines and Primary Texts to determine what works best for you.

However, if you have existing posts to pick from, we recommend using them as your law firm Facebook ads because they may have past likes and shares, and that social proof will make the advert more enticing for those who view it for the first time.

6. Keep Track of Your Progress

You can't just set it and forget it when it comes to internet ads, particularly Facebook ads for lawyers. Check-in frequently after your Facebook law firm advertising has been running for a day or two to see how it functions.

You’ll find this in the Facebook Ads Manager "Ad Reporting" screen. The report contains information about the number of clicks your ad receives, the cost per click, and the total amount spent thus far.

If your ad is generating a lot of clicks, you might want to keep it running for a bit longer or conduct a similar campaign. If not, you should probably attempt a different topic for your Facebook ad management campaign.

How Hiring an Ad Agency Can Help Scale Your Facebook Campaigns

Many organizations have been formed to aid law firms in addressing gaps in tasks such as Facebook ad management. For example, you may outsource Facebook ads to reputable Facebook ads for law firms agency to handle your ads process, but you're not sure what the benefits would be.

Here are some ways that hiring an ad agency might help you scale your Facebook campaigns:

  • When compared to in-house hiring, it is more cost-effective to outsource Facebook ads.
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reduce the learning curve
  • Talents and knowledge
  • Obtain quicker results
  • There is no substitute for experience when it comes to time.
  • Proven methods and strategies
  • Adaptability and adaptability

The Ball Is In Your Court!

Outsourcing the Facebook Ad management of your law firm goes a long way to scale your results because your in-house staff may not have the experience, time, or resources to drive in huge conversions and boost your Facebook ads ROI.

Give us at FlyingVGroup an opportunity to obtain quicker results from your Facebook law firm advertising campaign. Our social media marketing team has all it takes to get positive ROI from your Facebook Ads. Contact us!

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