8 Branding Examples for Small Businesses

8 Branding Examples for Small Businesses

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Branding for small businesses can be a challenge, especially when you’re in a crowded marketplace or niche.

With every business vying for everyone’s attention, the simplest way to stand out is to have a memorable brand. For someone to remember your brand, it takes a lot of effort from your end.

There’s no doubt that it’s hard to know exactly how to position your branding to attract your ideal customers.

That is why In this post, we’re going to examine eight small businesses that have nailed down their branding. As we do, try to find out exactly what makes their branding so successful.

We’ll discuss a few points to remember when creating your own branding strategy at the end of this post.

Let’s first cover a few things about branding.

Elements of Branding

No matter what your business is about, your branding would consist of at least these seven elements;

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Brand personality
  • Slogan
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Images

These elements are the building blocks of what makes your brand memorable.

Most things are better explained with examples Therefore, let’s discuss eight examples of small businesses with excellent branding.

As we do, try to find how they used the elements we mentioned above to make their brand unique. Also, take note of how they use them in their branding strategy.

Examples of Small Business Branding

Let’s start with the first one.

Bony to Beastly

Bony to Beastly is my favorite small business with amazing branding. With just one look, you’ll know what the business is all about. The name (bony to beastly) and logo (muscular guy standing next to a raw-bone guy) tell you all about what their business is about.

It says they’re helping skinny guys who want to gain muscles.  It is our favorite example when explaining how to make your branding so simple and easy to remember. Think about it; how hard would it be to remember Bone to Beastly?

Death Wish Coffee

Named the ‘world’s strongest coffee’, Death Wish Coffe managed to capture the coffee market of customers who are not interested in only the taste of coffee, but how they’ll stay awake!

Considering the strength of their coffee, they seem to be literally playing the death angle. Their excellent positioning helped them to dominate the market and to reach an extensive audience.

Bombay Electric

Vibrant colors are one of the important elements in branding that easily attract attention. Even though their typography is nothing out of the ordinary,  Bombay Electric incorporated kaleidoscopic techniques in blending their colors, making their brand stand out in an interesting way. They are a fashion and art platform in India, Mumbai. Their vibrant colors represent the electric energy of the city and the curation of intriguing Indian fashion.

Ricola Cough Drops

Ricola produces herbal cough drops that relieve sore throats and makes you feel better. Their Unwrap Your Voice packaging and branding of Ricola Cough Drops have taken the marketing of cough drops to a different level. The packaging features a cartoon with a twisted neck, signifying a sour throat. Only by opening the cough drop would the pain subside. This kind of packaging has made their brand more appealing to their audience.


Folklorious is an online fashion accessories brand. They have all kinds of bags, hats, jewelry, eyewear, and anything else you’ll need to add a unique touch to your style. Its branding consists of an illustrated design, and it is paired with classic artwork and modern typography, making it quite unique in the fashion industry.

Elo Soap

With many traditional greek soap producers trying to catch the attention of tourists, Elo Soap decided to reposition its branding to stand out in the competition. They created a fresh look for their greek-god-inspired homemade olive soap. With a greek gods’ illustrations, their branding turned out to be a fresh and modern design while depicting the traditional packaging style.


Notel is a hotel located in  Melbourne. Well, they’re not entirely a hotel in a traditional sense. It looks something like an elevated or classy guesthouse, yet less than a normal hotel. Hence the name Notel (Not Hotel). Their logo is a “NO” sign with a subtle slash indicating what their branding is about. With their branding and customer experience, they are quite a popular accommodation place in Melbourne.

Platinum Skincare

Obviously, when you hear Platinum Skincare or see their logo, premium skincare comes to mind! The fancy fonts, silver, and black colors, and the crown on their logo, all communicates luxury products. They chose the right colors, font, and design to evoke specific emotion; luxury. Anyone who desires luxury skincare products would easily turn to platinum skin care. That is why it is an excellent example of storytelling for small business branding.

With these examples under your belt, how can you create a unique and memorable brand of your own?

How to Nail Your Small Business Branding Strategy

1. Show What You Do at a Glance

No matter what your brand is about, make sure anyone who sees your brand name or logo should get a fair idea of what you’re selling. Bony to Beastly is a great example.

2. Don’t Think Too Much

You don’t have to overthink the whole branding process. Coca-Cola didn’t become this awesome from the beginning. Start with whatever comes to mind and build from there.

3. Keep It Very Simple

In branding, little is always more. Normally, simple things have the most impact. It is easier to remember easy things than the more clever alternatives.

4. Let Your Branding Appeal to Emotions

Emotional appeal is the heart of all marketing efforts. You probably may have heard that customers buy with emotion and justify those purchase decisions with sound reasoning. Think about the emotions that your brand evokes. Is it happiness, freedom, joy, family, or what?

Finding and attaching emotional elements to your branding strategy would resonate with people who are interested in or desire those emotions.

5. Leave Memorable Footprints

The easiest way to make your brand memorable is to provide an experience. How do you interact with your customers? Is your customer service friendly and prompt at solving customer problems? Is your brand fun to associate with? Are you using innovative ways to market to your audience? All these are footprints that would propel your small business branding strategy forward.

6. Be Creative

In branding, you don’t always have to go by the books. Sometimes, it is much better to think outside the box. If no one has tried this method doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad strategy. Try and see which one works for your brand.

7. Have Fun!

The next thing to remember is to have fun while crafting your branding strategy. A bit of playfulness could make your brand intriguing to your audience. Take a look at the Ricola Cough Drops packaging; a classic example of having fun!

Conclusions on Eight Branding Examples

When it comes to branding for small businesses, there is really no one-size-fits-all strategy to implement. You’ll have to take into consideration your brand products, values, and personality. When you combine these together, spread a few cups of emotional triggers, spice it up with simplicity, and garnish it all with some creativity and fun, you’ll end up creating the best recipe for a memorable and long-lasting brand for your small business.

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August 2, 2022



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