5 Ways to Optimize Your Visual Asset Management to Boost Big Business SEO

5 Ways to Optimize Your Visual Asset Management to Boost Big Business SEO

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Large businesses usually have complex tech stacks that integrate several business functions beyond the website or brick-and-mortar store. That includes connecting with customer databases, product management systems, business analytics, marketing systems, and several others.

These systems might seem complicated and use multiple moving parts, but they are necessary to achieve productivity and scalability at an enterprise level. Enterprise tech stacks often include several marketing asset management systems, including content management, content delivery, and digital asset management.

Visual assets are usually a part of all of them and are useful in ways other than improving the aesthetics for web pages or blog posts. Visual assets can indeed be the key to engaging users. But several digital marketers do not know that they can also boost the SEO for enterprises.

If you want to use a multi-channel marketing approach as a big business SEO solution, you have to ensure that each aspect is optimized for maximum returns. Here are six ways to tweak your visual assets and increase organic traffic to your website.

Provide Image Alt Tags

Most digital marketers tend to forget that search engines can only rank what they can understand on the website. Search bots cannot crawl through images and therefore need additional information to make sense of them. So, digital marketers should include alternative attributes in the IMG tag that describes the image and its content.

That way, Google or other search engines will understand what the image is about to rank it accordingly. If you do not provide an alt tag for the pictures, search engines will read the default filename as its alt tag, which may not make any sense.

You can add alt tags to images in your content or website using the Content Management System (CMS). Even though alt text provides an opportunity to include keywords, make sure to use those relevant to the image.

Include Descriptive Text With Infographics

Even though infographics are images, providing an alt tag may not be adequate from an SEO point of view. Infographics can contain a lot more information than what you can provide in the alt text. Therefore, always make sure that you add descriptions explaining the infographics along with them.

Adding a description will also ensure that your content can rank higher in search results. However, make sure that the accompanying text does not repeat the language from the infographic verbatim as it will not improve the user experience. Also, ensure that you utilize this SEO opportunity by placing relevant keywords intelligently.

Search Your Images for Backlink Opportunities

Your visual content might be getting shared without your knowledge. If you add a lot of infographics or pictures to your digital content, there are chances that other people could be adding them to their website, often without crediting you.

However, it can be a great opportunity for you to generate some backlinks for your content and boost your SEO efforts. All you need to do is get in touch with them and ask them to acknowledge the original source by adding a link to your website content.

But how will you find the websites that are republishing your pictures or designs? You can use the Reverse Image Search feature on Google Images to use images as search queries instead of words. Make sure that the website you approach for backlink opportunities is using your images and not one that looks similar.

Add Sitemaps for Images and Videos

If you have a lot of videos and images on your website, you might want to add image or video sitemaps for Google using the Search Console. The information on site maps allows Google to discover images that it might miss using the JavaScript code.

It also enables you to mark the images on your website so that Google can crawl through them and index them accordingly. You can do the same for the video content present on your website. Even though most elements for a video site map are not mandatory, you can still use them to add crucial metadata and improve their chances to appear on search results.

Add a Transcript for Your Videos

Search engines cannot crawl through videos either, just like images. Therefore, to ensure that Google understands what your video is about, add a transcript on your website.

Video transcripts are the perfect place to add the relevant keywords related to the topics being discussed in the video. However, make sure that those keywords are also present in the dialogues to match the transcript.

You have probably spent a lot of time and money creating visual marketing assets to improve the user experience on your website. However, you can maximize your ROI by using these methods to support your SEO efforts using the same images. You can consult SEO professionals to learn more ways to use your visual marketing efforts to boost SEO for your business.


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