Should I Be Copywriting or Content Writing_ And What’s the Difference_

Should I Be Copywriting or Content Writing? And What’s the Difference?

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The difference between copywriting and content writing lies in the purpose of the writing. Before you start whatever it is you are working on, ask yourself, “What exactly is the purpose of what I am doing?”

Are you looking to advertise to attract buyers, or are you looking to engage with potential buyers and hope they might buy at a later date?

Today, content plays a huge role in every single aspect of our lives whether it be personal, business, or any other area. Both content writing and copywriting have their purposes in today’s digital age apart from information dissemination.


How Do I Use Copywriting and Content Writing?

While copywriting is used mainly for promotional content, content writing is primarily for entertaining and informing viewers with their preferred choice of content. Copywriting focuses on instant action, and content writing focuses on building an environment for that action.

One thing to understand is that copywriting is a form of content writing but with a purpose that is to attract quickly. By attract I mean, writing something that can quickly grab the attention of the readers or viewers and prompt them to make a quick decision. On the other hand, the task of content writing is to sell the brand value of products and services more often through in-depth analysis or knowledge-based informative articles.

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Is Content Writing or Copywriting More Important?

Consider this, HubSpot is a content marketing tool that says that 53% of promoters use blogging as their most preferred marketing option. They also state that sites that have blogs integrated into them receive 434% more visibility on search engine results.

Creating content, or content writing, creates more chances of getting better rankings on search engines and, as such, attracting more visitors to your website. The toughest part about content writing is finding topics that help you grab the attention of website visitors, but also help you to get better rankings too.

I tend to follow two rules:

  1. Write outstanding and informative content, no matter the topic.
  2. Use personal experiences to help you write content.

Not too long ago though, copywriting used to bag plenty of new clients for businesses and content writing was not as critical as it is today. The reason? Less competition and less clutter.

Now I am not saying that copywriting has no purpose because it does. However, outside of direct marketing material, one will not get visitors to their websites without content writing, but once they are on your website and looking at product/service pages, you will want to make sure your copywriting is dialed in.

Today, a quality content writer has just as much power and ability to attract clientele to the business. Always think about what can make your content more and more exciting and engaging. Also, are you placing your material in the right place and for the right people?

To conclude, both copywriting and content writing are essential, but I place more importance on content writing.


How Can Copywriting Benefit You?

David Ogilvy, the famous advertising mogul, once said, “When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

Copywriting requires the ability to be able to grab someone’s attention quickly. The best copywriting is behind some of the best advertising campaigns in the world, and extremely talented and creative minds created those campaigns.

Copywriting, compared to content writing, has short-term goals and is focused on generating instant or quicker returns. Copywriting includes straightforward and persuasive language that is crafted to connect buyers emotionally to compel them to take immediate action. Immediate action helps to generate faster sales or conversions.

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You generally need the help of a copywriter when creating ad copies, developing website content for service or product pages, writing sales letters/emails, creating marketing collateral or PPC landing pages, and other material that might help generate sales.

Copywriters craft short and compelling content using striking words and CTAs to evoke buyers to react to a plan of action that might include, submitting information for sales follow-up, instant purchases, subscribing to services, or booking a tour.


How Can Content Writing Benefit You?

Content writing includes writing long, useful, and engaging content to build traffic to a company’s blog or website. There must be engagement with the audience throughout the material so that over some time they can be convinced about your brand and what it has to offer.

If you build trust for your brand through robust and meaningful content creation, then the same audience can develop a liking for your products and services. Blogs, articles, white papers, digital books, subject matter experts, emails, social media posts, guides, web content, videos, and many other content types that are informative, provide education, and are entertaining are included in content writing.

By using content writing, your goal should be to create many engaging and informative content pieces on similar topics. Avoid talking about your brand and continuously influence prospects that you are the expert in your field, which you probably are if you do a good job! Doing so will help you to bring in new customers and retain the old ones.

According to several content marketing agencies, blogs are a more time saving and cost-effective way to generate leads. Moreover, a good content strategy adds value to your brand, and you have the chance to become a market leader in your space.

Is Copywriting or Content Writing More Beneficial?

Both copywriting and content writing are necessary and present in market trends. While content writing helps you build your brand over a more extended period, copywriting enables you to generate instant sales. Depending on your requirements, you will more than likely use both copywriting and content writing when promoting your business.

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