How to Use Quuu Discover to Turbocharge Inbound Leads Through Content Curation

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Serving your audience with great content is perhaps the most fundamental part of building your social media presence. As content marketers, we should be obsessed with this, especially given that it is the only way you can build a sustainable presence on social media. However, creating content consistently that solves problems for your audience and gives them actionable insights takes effort and time. This is why many brands rely on curated content.

On the face of it, curating content seems pretty straightforward: Find existing content that resonates with your audience, and share it on your social media. In reality, content curation is not an easy task, especially if you are trying to do at least one content curation post a day. This is because it can take quite a lot of time to find the right content that is relevant and relatable to your audience.

Time is not the only hurdle here–when you curate content manually you are likely to keep coming across the same sources over and again because that’s how social media algorithms work. And then you might not always find good content, so you need to run sub-optimal choices in your feeds. Manual curation is a great way to start, but it may not be a scalable solution for a business.


Of course, even when you do find the right content, you still need to create visibility for it. Disseminating the content across your audience and making sure it gets maximum visibility is quite the dark art. You’re probably testing paid campaigns and promoting content on social media in pursuit of success.

These are the common problems in the daily lives of content marketers. But, rejoice! There is something out there to help us!

Quuu Discover is a content curation service that has something to help with all these problems. Quuu Discover gives you a curated list of trending content pieces from the depths of the internet that are relevant to your business. With a daily list of curated content, you can find the content that would interest your audience and you can use it on your social media channels. Quuu Discover also does the other bit by presenting your content to curators who are selecting and showcasing content. Utilizing an upvote system like Reddit, your Quuu Discover profile

Ready to find out how you can use Quuu Discover to turbocharge your lead generation through curated content? Let’s go!

When to Use Curated Content

First, let us look at when you should be curating content. While curated content is a handy tool, and you should not be afraid of using it, your overall goal should be to only use your own content. However, there are certain stages where content curation can work for you:

  • When you’re in the process of scaling up the volume of your in-house content
  • When you want to engage with your audience more regularly (2-3 times a day, e.g.)
  • When you want to “bulk up” your social media presence without irrelevant fillers


While you’re choosing curated content, remember that consistency is the name of the game when it comes to social media. You must keep the type and quality of content you are sharing consistent across curated and in-house content.


The Two Sides of the Quuu Coin: Curate and Promote

Quuu gives business users two different but equally powerful ways to leverage the platform: curation and promotion. Both of these aspects are important. Let’s look at both in some detail.


As expected, this part of the service gives you pieces of content that are likely to resonate with your audience regularly. You can share these pieces on your social media channels, adding with your brief copy. Curation is free for business users. The free plan gives you up to 6 pieces a day which you can select and use. These pieces are handpicked by the curators and will offer you the best chance of success on the various social media platforms.

You can schedule these posts directly from Quuu, too, and you can use their automatic and manual modes of content sharing. While the free plan allows you to share on one social media profile, the pro plan allows you to do more and start to put your content distribution into overdrive.


The promotion side presents your content to curators, who can then share it with the larger audience who is using the curation or reader services that Quuu offers. Some of these curators are also influencers who can make your content reach exponentially more people through sharing of their own. If your content is relevant and resonates with the audience, it is likely to be shared widely.

Promote costs around $75 a month. You can benchmark it against the ROI you derive from your social media promotions. You can choose to experiment with Quuu for 1-2 months and see how your content is performing and the results you are getting. If your content is well optimized, Quuu contributes up to 10% of leads generated. Not bad for ROI, right? We’re willing to bet that it is a better ROI than most of your social media promotions.

Tips for Curating Content

Curating content still takes some work, even with Quuu Discover. But the work of finding the content is much easier. Though Quuu’s content recommendations are hand-picked by the curators, you know your audience best and are able to short list topics that will have the most benefits. So use that knowledge to choose the content that gives you the most value.

Quuu’s paid plans allow you to use multiple accounts, each with 6 daily suggestions. The smart strategy would be to use multiple accounts and set them up with slightly different interests, which increases your pool of content to consider. Remember that curation does not excuse you from making good social copy. Contextualize the content with 1-2 lines of social copy before you share it on your social media channels. Having impactful, relevant, and on-brand copy will give you maximum success.


It is also important for you to balance the curated content with your content that has been written with conversion in mind. In the long run, the basis of a successful inbound strategy is your blogs that convert visitors to leads. A great way to scale up your content marketing would be to engage with a digital agency like FVG. We do the heavy lifting and help you create content that generates leads consistently.


Quuu content curation is a great tool to bulk up your social media presence, and to provide regular, insightful content to your audience. Quuu Discover also plays the role of amplifying your content to a larger audience and helping you get more traffic and leads.

When it comes to promoting the content, remember to focus on building a content strategy that converts. This strategy applies to every blog you create, and this content, when promoted, will give you the conversions you are looking for. The better the content is, the more likely it is that the curators in Quuu’s network will share it widely. Curation and creation can go hand-in-hand–if your curation game is strong, it is ultimately a win-win-win for all parties involved!


Thank you so much for reading How to Use Quuu Discover to Turbocharge Inbound Leads Through Content Curation . We really appreciate it! If you have any questions about our article, or can suggest any other topics you think we should explore, feel free to let us know.

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May 12, 2021



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