How To Stay Motivated and Productive While Working From Home

How To Stay Motivated and Productive While Working From Home

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If you are working remotely and don’t seem to get into your usual routine compared to when at the office, here are other ways to improve your motivation and productivity while working from home.

Utilize a Home Office

While working at home, there can be some temptation that would directly affect your productivity. We have seen some remote employees’ posts on social media flexing about the comfortability of working on their couch while watching TV, lying in bed, and even while at the kitchen eating. As amazing as that may seem, let’s face it, you won’t be very inspired to get your job done if you are over relaxed while  trying to get work done. For example, if you are working as a sales consultant, you won’t be able to turn on your selling drive if you try to combine work with your favorite home activities.

Consider building a full office space at home if you want to be productive and get your work done. You don’t need a big space to make this happen, just make sure you have a room where you can organize your “office things” and make it appealing according to your taste. Your office room should be 100% free of distractions and clutter for better results. This means that you need to keep it neat and clean, and you might need a door that locks, so your family or roommates won’t be able to disturb you while you are working.

Decorate Your Office, Aesthetics Matter

It also helps to make your workspace look like an office, literally, when considering aesthetics. Go with matte and plain colors if you are in the formal business sector as it will come in handy by the time you have your virtual meetings. If you are doing freelancing or sales, we recommend bright colors with some indoor plants to make your office room vibrant and refreshing. Make sure that the tools and resources you need are easily accessible. Some of the most common things that should be in your home office are your computers, laptops, printer, equipment for video conferences, paper, whiteboards, and much more.

We recommend that you also put some framed certificates that contain career milestones and promotions, educational diplomas and certificates, and logos from the business in which you are employed. The more your home office has some visible milestones of your success in life, the more inspired you will be at your new workplace.

If you don’t seem to have a friendly workplace at home, you can also start thinking about renting an office area nearby. As long as your income permits, your investment can go a long way, especially if we consider how it can affect your work productivity.

Be Early. “Remember the Early Bird Catches the Worm”

We can all agree that it’s extra challenging to get up early when you are working from the comfort of your own home. We often condition our mind that it’s okay to wake up an hour before our shift because working from home also means we skip traffic. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Do yourself a favor and set a specific time every day to wake up if you want to stay motivated.

Wake up early and be well prepared for the day. Being an early bird gives you the advantage of having extra time to do your exercise or yoga to start up your mind and body. We also recommend that you take some time to prepare a healthy breakfast. Research suggests that people who wake up early are more likely to be responsible and complete the work that they need to get done.

Make Clear Priorities and Set Goals

Make signs for yourself that indicate that your job has been finished. You can justify calling it early or not conducting after hour work on a particular day if you are a freelancer. You must set goals so you don’t lose your motivation. As you step into your week’s routine, you can get used to this pace and be even more successful than if you hadn’t set goals.

Your goals can also vary from what you do. For example, have a vision board with ideas about what you are going to do when you earn the money you expect to earn. Buy a new car, the new guitar you always loved, or a new laptop that will inspire you to finish your day strong day-in and day-out.

Develop a Healthy Routine

While working remotely, you might be tempted to do things spontaneously and randomly. If you do this all the time, the tendency is you will be disorganized and exhausted. A better idea is to approach your work as a habit. If you are working on schedules, create a routine that will help you be prepared before going to work. For the most part, it could be to wake up early, exercise with a calisthenics workout, exercise, shower, get dressed up for work, eat a good breakfast, and check all your needs for the day. If you are a freelancer with a flexible schedule, determine when your best work is done and then schedule your work regularly.

You will find it much easier to stay motivated and accomplish your goals when you settle into your routine. Remember to schedule your work activities, which include meetings, phone calls, daily breaks, lunch, and more. If there’s an upcoming holiday, there’s a possibility that work will accumulate, so as with any pending jobs, plan things ahead, and if it’s needed to work on weekends to catch up, then you have the luxury of doing it while staying with your family.

Use Tools for Productivity

The best thing about working remotely is you can set up tools that will work for you! You don’t have to depend on your memory or the “to do” list. Your daily work routine can be coordinated and inspired by different productivity tools. Here are some of the remote workers most recommended best productivity apps you can download for free:


With Slack, you can connect online with anyone on your team (no matter where they are) from a simple app. Slack is one of the best networking platforms for remote teams on the market. You may also create chat channels to coordinate different projects.

You can also exchange files and add comments to documents in addition to messaging and channel development. Slack eventually incorporates for greater convenience into many other social media and app platforms.


Dropbox is a cloud file sharing system ideal for file management and extensive file sharing. You never have to think about wasting time or figuring out where those important work files went with Dropbox.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an application for time-tracking, which lets you concentrate on the mission at hand. The Focus Booster software uses the Pomodoro technology to increase focus and reduce interruptions.


Asana is a program for task management that allows you to track your tasks, monitor potential deadlines, and submit work. There are several other tools in Asana to help with task management, time management, file sharing, communications, and more.

Asana will also send you notifications of upcoming deadlines. It’s essential to do your research and determine which software will save you time, keep your motivation, make you more efficient, and use it for your benefit.


Azendoo is a web and mobile work management app that enables you and your team to communicate, share documents, work, and organize. It’s a healthy alternative to Asana and suitable for the geographical distribution of your squad.


Orsolo is an all in one project and task management tool to organize projects without extra complexity. With Orsolo, you can manage your work at a personal level and keep track of every stage. You can upload files, save bookmarks, and create notes as well. Using the To-do list feature, you can add quick tasks to your project boards and tick them off when done. Keep track of your project spend as you go along with the Budget tracker.

A Breather is Essential

One of the significant advantages of working remotely is that you don’t always need to work in your home office. You can grab your laptop and start working wherever you want; however, this is always conditional on your field of work.

Exploring different coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, or any other location you thought could be comfortable will prevent you from becoming stagnant in your work. Just be mindful of the social distancing and mask policies since COVID-19 is still a threat.

Experiencing new places and events will make you happy and help make you more resilient to adversity.

Communicate with Other Remote Employees

This may sound a little strange, but sometimes you need a group of experts to speak to and bounce ideas off of. Even if you are a photographer or you are a sales consultant, you can start by joining groups on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn who’re in the same industry as yours. If you are new to working at home, look for remote worker groups since many experts can help you out by giving out some tips and ideas on what to expect on working from home and how to be extra productive.

Final Takeaways

Working at home provides a lot of advantages. This includes working from the convenience of a home, being close to your family and friends, and enjoying casual Fridays on a regular basis. While flexibility is excellent and most studies say that working from home improves overall efficiency, it can also be distracting, especially if you lose your motivation.

Thank you so much for reading the How To Stay Motivated and Productive While Working From Home. We really appreciate it! If you have any questions about our article, or can suggest any other topics you think we should explore, feel free to let us know.

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