Flying V Group Partners with Liquid Alchemist to Showcase the Versatility of Cocktail Syrups through PPC Advertising

Flying V Group Partners with Liquid Alchemist to Showcase the Versatility of Cocktail Syrups through PPC Advertising

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Flying V Group, a leading digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce its partnership with Liquid Alchemist to promote the versatility of their cocktail syrups. Through strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, Flying V Group aims to highlight the wide range of applications for Liquid Alchemist’s premium syrups and increase brand awareness among cocktail enthusiasts and mixologists.

Liquid Alchemist is known for its high-quality cocktail syrups that add depth and flavor to a variety of beverages. Flying V Group is excited to collaborate with Liquid Alchemist in showcasing the versatility of their syrups, from classic cocktails to innovative concoctions, and highlighting their ability to elevate any drink.

Flying V Group will use its expertise in PPC advertising to create targeted campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time. By identifying key demographics and interests, Flying V Group will ensure that Liquid Alchemist’s message resonates with cocktail enthusiasts, bartenders, and consumers looking to enhance their mixology skills.

Partnering up with Becky and the team at Liquid Alchemist is a no brainer. They provide top of the line cocktail syrups that will enhance any mixologist’s repertoire. We are super excited to dive in and drive new customers to learn more and ultimately purchase more of their amazing product line.” said Founding Partner at Flying V Group, Brennan Smith.

The partnership between Flying V Group and Liquid Alchemist exemplifies a commitment to empowering mixology enthusiasts through digital marketing. By highlighting the versatility of Liquid Alchemist’s syrups, Flying V Group aims to inspire creativity and elevate the cocktail experience for consumers and professionals alike.

For more information about Liquid Alchemist and their premium cocktail syrups, visit To explore Flying V Group’s digital marketing expertise, please visit

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March 20, 2024



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