Evaluating Angi Leads for Your Home Service Business

Evaluating Angi Leads for Your Home Service Business

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Running a successful home service business requires a steady stream of quality leads. With so many lead generation services available now, knowing when to take time is right for your business can take time and effort. One popular service is Angi Leads, but how well does it actually perform? This article takes an in-depth look at Angi Leads, including its lead quality, cost structure, contract terms, and more. Read on to find out if Angi Leads is a good solution for your home service business lead generation needs.

Overview of Angi Leads

Angi Leads is the lead generation arm of Angi (formerly Angie’s List). This nationwide service provides a way for home service professionals to connect with homeowners looking to hire someone for home improvement projects or repairs.

Angi has a huge consumer database thanks to its roots as Angie’s List, the popular home services review platform. When a homeowner submits a service request through Angi, the company then matches them with service professionals in their geographic area. Those vendors can then pay to get the homeowner’s full contact information so they can offer a quote on the requested work.

On the one hand, Angi touts its first-party data, number of consumers, and brand recognition. But on the other hand, service companies also pay handsomely for these leads. So, are Angi Leads worth the higher costs? Let’s analyze some of the key factors.

Evaluating Lead Quality

Arguably, the most important metric when evaluating a lead service is the quality of the leads. There’s no point spending money on contacts that won’t actually hire you. So, how do Angi Leads measure up?

There are a few ways to assess lead quality:

  • Lead Conversion Rate: What percentage of leads turn into paying customers? According to Angi, its leads convert at around 33%. This means 1 out of 3 leads results in a job for providers. That’s a reasonably strong conversion rate for home service leads. Just keep in mind that your individual business’ conversion rate may differ.
  • Lead Accuracy: Are the project details, descriptions, and consumer information in the leads correct? This helps ensure the lead aligns with the work you actually provide. Angi Leads uses some accuracy verification steps to get leads. However, contractors still report getting low-quality leads out of their service area or requesting services they don’t offer. This is the case with many lead services, though.
  • Legality of Leads: This verifies leads come from legal opt-in sources. Angi states its leads comply with federal and state Do Not Call (DNC) rules. However, some contractors claim Angi leads are just selling the same recycled leads in their database.

The overall consensus is that Angi Leads are decent but could be better. They provide better lead quality than some low-cost aggregator sites. But they also come with occasional data inaccuracies or questionable sources that other high-end lead services may better screen out.

Analyzing Contract Terms

Whenever you pay for an ongoing service, the contractual terms deserve scrutiny, too. Here are some key things to pay attention to if you sign up with Angi:

  • Lead Purchase Requirements: You have to buy a minimum number of leads per month or pay $15 “dead leads” fees for each one you fall short on. This is one way Angi discourages contractors from buying in just one month.
  • Auto Renewal: Contracts renew automatically each year unless you cancel in writing 60+ days beforehand. So if you need to remember, you may pay for another whole year.
  • Cost Increases: Buried in their terms is notice that Angi may raise your monthly fees up to 10% for each renewal. Plan for that cost growth accordingly in future years.
  • Refund Policy: You can get refunds on inaccurate leads but a very limited number (5 or less per territory). So, there are no blanket refund promises if lead quality is low.
  • Exclusivity: Angi prohibits advertising their name for lead gen and requires reasonable display of their brand if you use their leads. This does not prevent contracting with other lead services, too though.

Review the Angi Leads terms closely, and have a legal professional explain if any sections need to be clarified. While common in the industry, you want to enter any agreement with eyes wide open.

How Angi Leads Compare to Alternatives

Angi is arguably the biggest brand in-home services lead generation. But it’s certainly not the only option. Many contractors use a blend of different lead services to fill their pipeline. So, how do Angi leads compare?

  • Porch: More flexible packages by specific city. Good for home improvement leads instead of strict home services. Cost can be 50-85% less than Angi.
  • Thumbtack: Pay only for leads you bid on. $35-50 per lead is more affordable for some. But less brand recognition.
  • HomeAdvisor: Larger consumer reach with rapid growth. The lead pricing model has some similarities to Angi, too.
  • Another huge consumer audience. But focuses solely on listings-related leads. So, there are no service or repair requests.

As you can see, Angi compares favorably for its first-party consumers and sheer size. But its premium pricing isn’t the best fit for all service companies. Securing leads takes significant marketing budgets regardless of where you get them.

Optimizing Your Angi Lead Strategy

If you do decide to try Angi Leads, several best practices can get you better results:

  • Manage Lead Response Times: Contact new leads and provide quotes quickly. The quicker you engage, the higher your close rate. Use lead response software if needed.
  • Promote Your Listing: Enhancing your online Angi profile brings in more leads. So invest effort here, not just the monthly fees.
  • Send Quick Follow-Ups: Follow up promptly with every new lead to confirm receipt and reinforce your reliability. This further boosts conversions.
  • Mine Lead Referrals: Ask happy Angi clients for introductions or online reviews to capture referral leads. This leverages your investment for greater ROI.
  • Track Lead Sources: Identify which zip codes, projects, or lead attributes convert best. Then, optimize to get more of those high-converting lead types.

Getting optimal performance out of Angi Leads requires both financial investment and smart lead management strategies. Align these for maximizing returns.

Final Recommendation on Angi Leads

Angi Leads reviews can generate customers for home service companies looking to accelerate their growth. Expect to make a substantial financial commitment between monthly fees and per-lead costs. However, the ROI is achievable for established contractors able to close 1 out of 3 contracts.

Just walk in, eyes wide open on the pricing model, contract terms, and occasional low-quality lead. Have a sufficient operating budget to optimize your lead management process as well. This ensures you capitalize on the branded consumer audience from your marketing spend.

Weigh your total pipeline generation plan before determining if Angi Leads works for where your company is at presently. Then, track detailed lead analytics over several months to calculate true return. This allows tweaking your approach to improve lead conversion results over time.

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