Ideas for WordPress: How To Make Your Site Aesthetically Appealing

Ideas for WordPress: How To Make Your Site Aesthetically Appealing

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As of 2022, over 62% of the 100 fast-growing corporations in America use WordPress to power their websites. Internationally recognized brands like Time Magazine, Sony, Vogue, and even the Rolling Stones rely on the elegant yet user-friendly CMS platform of WordPress.

While full to the brim with exciting and refreshing site design options, WordPress still prides itself on being an accessible, affordable, and intuitive platform to use for both beginner and experienced designers. In fact, you can create a great-looking user-friendly site without any comprehensive web design experience. That’s how easy it is.

However, to create a site that reflects your brand and engages with your target audience in an ideal way, keeping up with the latest trends and website ideas for WordPress is what will help it to reach all of its goals. Today, we’ll explore some awesome aesthetic ideas to include on your WordPress site.

Why WordPress Is So Popular

With such high rankings from users across all industries and objectives, you have to wonder why WordPress has become the CMS platform of choice for 45.8% of brands in the world.

WordPress is responsible for powering 14.7% of the internet’s highest-performing websites—a figure greater than any other CMS platform around.

So, what makes WordPress so popular?

  • Flexibility – WordPress is extremely customizable. In addition to providing a wide variety of free themes and templates, users can weave their own code or add their own plugins for an even more personalized result.
  • Usability – With WordPress, you don’t need to be an experienced web designer. Changing colors, fonts, layout and more is easy and doesn’t require prior web dev knowledge.
  • Accessibility – Amazingly, WordPress is free. You can download, install, use and manage this platform at no cost, making it extremely accessible for users from all backgrounds.
  • Security – This CMS makes security a priority. Anti-hacker software has already been encoded into WordPress, but you can also further safeguard your site by adding more protective code.
  • SEO compatibility – SEO is really important for staying ahead of competitors in the online world of branding and ecommerce. WordPress is optimized for SEO, making it a great option for any brand wanting to gain an edge in their industry. 

Needless to say, there are several strong reasons why WordPress is consistently ranked as one of the best CMS platforms in the world.

But how can you, as an individual brand, make yours stand out amongst the crowd? These website ideas for WordPress can improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your site in 2022 and beyond.

1. Try The Rara Theme

WordPress contains a vast array of different themes, and there are even more options available for free download online. One theme that’s seen high satisfaction levels in the portfolio sector is the Rara theme, which has a clean, minimalist design look that is perfect for creatives.

Rara uses a simple, tidy, refreshing layout that allows your creative work to shine without it getting swallowed by unnecessary visual clutter. It also boasts excellent customer support, impressive typography and image options, and a fast loading speed.

2. Use The Search And Go Theme

Another theme that has become popular in the 2020s for its aesthetic is the Search and Go theme. This theme incorporates all the key elements you need to build an online directory or database website.

3. Add A WP Events Calendar

If you run a website on WordPress that relates to event planning or event management, adding a plugin to help elevate the functionality of your calendar would be well worth your while.

The WP Events Calendar is a plugin designed to help users easily manage (both visually and practically) their events, create customizable event pages, and add tags or categories to your event listings so that customers can better navigate the site.

In addition to providing practical support, the WP Events Calendar plugin also presents itself in a visually pleasing way. This can encourage customers to return and leave positive reviews about your services.

4. Opt For The Ozark Theme

Ozark is a recently developed theme applicable to WordPress that combines minimalism with neo-futurism to create a unique yet well-established layout for your site.

With nine equally modern but differently innovative website layouts, Ozark breathes a breath of fresh air into any WordPress website on the net. Ozark provides options for customizing inner pages, blogs, and starting points, making it a highly flexible and adaptable theme.

You can also utilize the Elementor page builder, which enables users to drag-and-drop pages fluidly. To top it all off, Ozark is considered one of the fastest and most screen-responsive themes of 2022.

5. Use a BuddyBoss Plugin

If you run an online dating, matchmaking, or similar interaction-style site on WordPress, the BuddyBoss plugin is one that you can use to your advantage. Through BuddyBoss, you can engineer a virtual social community for customers where they can interact, communicate, and engage with one another in a tangible way.

For customers on a dating site, that sense of connection and engagement with other users is crucial to the success of their experience. A BuddyBoss plugin works seamlessly with WordPress and can deliver a wide range of benefits for your site.

6. Add a WP Travel Plugin

Running a travel website? The WordPress Travel plugin is a must-try. Complete with a powerful search engine and comprehensive booking system, customers can more efficiently plan their trips and gain deeper insights into what to expect from it going forward.

The WP Travel plugin also comes with a broad range of management tools and features that support the navigation, scheduling, mapping, and organization side of travel management. What’s more, the plugin runs fast and works responsively with different screen sizes, making it ideal for people looking for travel info on the go.

7. Create A Coupon Database

If there’s one thing ecommerce statistics of the 2020s have taught us, it’s that customers love coupons. Regardless of the industry your WordPress website showcases, adding a plugin for a coupon database can serve as a magnet for new customers and encourage existing ones to stay loyal.

The WordPress Coupons plugin is easy to set up and appropriate for any website, not just e-commerce ones. Furthermore, you can customize it to suit the style and aesthetic of your specific site, ensuring that no visual inconsistencies occur.

Plus, coupons can help generate extra income for your website. Via WordPress Coupons, you can set up a functional coupon system on your site that users can sift through and find the best deals on the products or services that they want. Symbiotic success!

8. Use The Werkstatt Theme

Werkstatt is a simplistic but creative portfolio style theme that works well for those working in creative industries who want to showcase their work. Whether you are a photographer, architect, painter, or graphic designer, the Werkstatt theme for WordPress will serve you well.

With decisive, clean lines and innovative layout options, Werkstatt can arrange your work in a way that is unique but still classy and professional. Featuring both masonry and column framework varieties, this theme allows you to present your portfolio in a contemporary yet energizing manner.

Werkstatt is also compatible with popular external platforms Visual Composer and WooCommerce, all the while being fully optimized for SEO.

9. Add Recipes Using WP Recipe Maker

If your passion revolves around food and recipes, the WordPress Recipe Maker plugin can add huge value to the usability of your site. While combining PDFs and publishing them online is one way of sharing your recipes, this plugin makes doing so far easier.

With this popular culinary-focused plugin, users can not only add recipes with ease, but also feature ratings and additional nutritional information for a more in-depth recipe experience. Your audience will love the immersive take on recipe information, and it will allow them to make more informed decisions.

The aesthetic layout options that come with the WordPress Recipe Maker can further boost the value of your site. With clear-cut frameworks and balanced visuals, this plugin is a dream come true.

10. Choose The Sober Theme

Tying in heavily with the all-popular theme of minimalism in 2022 web design, the Sober theme via WordPress is proving a smash hit with WooCommerce sites. Digital stores, furniture stores, and fashion stores are using this theme for its smooth, beautiful, minimal look and broad variety of layout options.

Complete with unlimited color schemes, customizable widgets, a mini cart option, and a slider with smooth transition effects, Sober is renowned for its sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and charming appeal.

In addition to the above features, Sober comes with a menu featuring advanced widgets and numerous column possibilities so that your WooCommerce site never goes out of style.


WordPress is a highly popular and effective CMS platform for all website types. Compatible for integration with a wide variety of channels and serving a feast of customizable layouts, WordPress contains everything you need to create a powerful and beautiful website.

Trends are changing all the time. But in 2022, these themes and plugins offer the best of the best in terms of aesthetic, performance, and audience appeal.

With WordPress and its bountiful array of themes, plugins, and widgets, you have everything you need and more to make your website awesome, both aesthetically and functionally.

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