Before we can start working, please tell us a bit more about your business below.

Before we can start working, please tell us a bit more about your business below.

Doing so will allow us to custom tailor our audit and analysis to make sure that we provide you with the most value possible with this service. All information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.


Business Questionnaire


How Does It Work?

In order to take advantage of this service, all you need to do is tell us a little bit about your website and business. We will analyze every aspect of your online presence and identify ways for you to capture back some of that 45-85% that you are missing out online.

Our service is offered FREE OF CHARGE and there is absolutely no catch. If, after review the audit and analysis, you would like to apply to be a Flying V Group client, then you are free to do so or you can take the knowledge gained from our work and apply it yourself or take it back to your existing digital marketing team!

What's Included?

Your digital marketing audit will include many recommendations. Feel free to check out the examples above. This is not your ordinary automated audit like from other sites. We manually prepare the audit and analysis for you and provide consultation in the following areas:

On and Off-Page Optimization

Does your website have on and off-page optimization in place?

On-page optimization allows us to identify quick tweaks and off-page optimization helps us identify how you can capitalize on existing opportunities.

Keyword Ranking Opportunities

How visible is your website on the internet?

We identify where your rankings currently stand and how focus efforts and plans can help to improve your keyword rankings and website visitors.

Competitive Analysis

Do you stack up to your competitors?

We benchmark you against your top three (3) competitors and show you what they do well, their weaknesses, and how you might best be able to exploit opportunities.

Expert Audit Analysis

What's better than a comprehensive digital marketing audit?

A comprehensive digital marketing audit along with an analysis and consulting from our team of digital marketing experts. Value, for free!