Let's Look at the Numbers...

of PPC visitors are more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.

of clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page for a keyword.

increase in brand awareness was seen by those running search ads.

increase in all traffic types to a site from display ad network campaigns.

Orange County Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the smartest, quickest, and best solution to drive traffic to your website and convert prospects into paying customers. Join the growing group of Orange County pay-per-click advertising clients that utilize our services.

Our expertise insures that your campaign uses the best strategies and techniques to get the most out of your campaign. While managing over $1,000,000 in advertising budget, we got through intensive processes that make sure your campaign is optimized, targeted, and conversion oriented.

Let us manage your Google AdWords, Bing Ad Network or Facebook Advertising campaigns to make sure you are in the best hands possible. Learn more here about our Orange County Pay-Per-Click Advertising projects.

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Orange County Pay-Per-Click Advertising Service

Website Analysis

We analyze landing pages on your site and make sure that they are optimized for conversion and make adjustments.

PPC Campaign Structuring

We structure your ad campaign using campaigns, ad groups, and ads. This allows for robust reporting and optimization.

Implementation of Campaign

Once we have completed the prior steps, we will then implement the campaign and handle everything from here.

Strategy Monitoring

We monitor the campaign and make adjustments to the strategy. If something is not working, we change it.

Keyword Research

We conduct keyword research that finds the optimal keywords customers are searching for and we target them.

Creative Ad Copy

Ad copy is extremely important when determining quality score of an ad. We write high performing ad copy.

Advanced Bidding and Budgeting

We keep an eye on your campaign 24/7 and are constantly tweaking bidding and budgets to ensure maximum ROI.

Advanced Reporting and Tracking

We install tracking codes onto your website and give you advanced reporting as often as you would like.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Orange County pay-per-click advertising is a great investment because it is extremely measurable. We will know instantly whether the campaign is successful based on things such as click-through-rates, conversion rates, quality score, and ad circulation.

It is important to make sure that you have an expert managing your valuable advertising dollars.


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