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Request your free Facebook Ads review. We will identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your existing Facebook Ad Campaign. If you are just looking to start, Flying V Group is the best Facebook Ads company for generating revenue and leads online.

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If you'd like our team to review and analyze your existing Facebook Ad campaign for free or learn about starting a new campaign, please fill out the form below.

Wondering what is in the free Facebook advertising review and analysis?

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Facebook Advertising Agency Designed to Grow Your Business

At Flying V Group, nothing is more important than your success. We pride ourselves on not only providing immense value from our services, but also being there as a guiding consultant for you through the complicated online space. When working with us, you will have a team member on your side 24/7/365 that is helping your business grow with online marketing strategies.

ROI Driven Approach

Flying V Group takes an ROI driven approach as a Facebook Advertising Agency to make sure that your investment in our services is returning each and every month. We are confident that through our meticulous and data-driven approach we will create a strategy that positions your business for success online.

Business Builders

Our goal at the end of the day is to build your business and help it grow with the use of Facebook Advertising. We are business-people that use digital marketing for this purpose. While we provide marketing services, more importantly, we provide expert consultation on all things marketing.







How Does It Work?

In order to take advantage of this service, all you need to do is tell us a little bit about your website and business. We will analyze every aspect of your Facebook Ads campaign and identify ways for you to capture back some of that 45-85% that you are missing out on online.

Our service is offered FREE OF CHARGE and there is absolutely no catch. If, after review of the audit and analysis, you would like to apply to be a Flying V Group client, then you are free to do so or you can take the knowledge gained from our work and apply it yourself or take it back to your existing digital marketing team!

What's Included?

Your Facebook Ads marketing audit will include many recommendations. Feel free to check out the examples above. This is not your ordinary automated audit like from other sites. We manually prepare the audit and analysis for you and provide consultation in the following areas:

Campaign Optimization

Is your Facebook campaign completely optimized?

Our team will identify areas of improvement and ways in which you can drive down your costs and increase conversion rates online.

Key Platforms

Identifying Key Platforms

How much of your budget is being completely wasted?

Our team will identify ways in which your budget is being wasted whether through inefficiencies or improper configuration of your campaign.

Competitive Analysis

Do you stack up to your competitors?

We benchmark you against your top three (3) competitors and show you what they do well, their weaknesses, and how you might best be able to exploit opportunities.

Audit Analysis

Expert Audit Analysis

What's better than a comprehensive digital marketing audit?

A comprehensive digital marketing audit along with an analysis and consulting from our team of digital marketing experts. Value, for free!

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I contacted the Flying V Group for assistance enhancing my company’s online presence. In comparing our website’s performance now with the state it was in prior to FVG’s involvement, I can say with confidence that utilizing Flying V’s expertise was money very, very well spent.

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Christian Richter, Founder
Old Harbor Insurance Services
Low Key Piano Bar Case Study

Low Key Piano Bar Case Study

Low Key Piano Bar is the hottest social scene in Arizona. Since working with Flying V Group, Low Key has seen a 20% increase in Facebook following, 27.5% growth in Instagram following, post reaches of upwards of 160,000 people, and monthly average page views of over 10k visitors!

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Low Key Piano Bar Case Study

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