How Enterprise Businesses Can Maximize Profits Using SEO

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Is your Enterprise business looking for new ways to boost returns on investment?

61% of online marketers said they would either increase their SEO budget or keep it the same. 


Do you know why this percentage of marketers would want to continue using SEO strategies?

When you have tried out something and reaped its benefits, you will not need a soothsayer to tell you to continue with it. Some would even want to go further so that they can get maximum benefit. 

More people use the Google search engine to drive traffic to their website, making Google the most prominent traffic driver. It currently processes more than 3.5 billion searches daily and 1.2 trillion searches yearly worldwide.

The truth is that if you are looking to have a good return on investment for your enterprise business, you will need to invest in SEO.

While some online business owners may have just started investing in SEO, others saw the importance of SEO ahead and had invested in it many years before most online business owners knew what it was. Because of this, their websites have accumulated a lot of pages. 

These pages contain several thousands of content which have driven traffic to the site and led the business to grow to a massive level.

This category of people is now running what is known as Enterprise SEO.

What is Enterprise SEO?

All businesses are not the same; one thing that differentiates them is their size and popularity. The way you run a company with only 50 staff cannot be the same way you run a company that has 5000 team members.

(Source: Pagezii)

In the same way, an online business with 50 pages cannot use the same SEO strategy as a business that has 5000 pages. Companies that have thousands of pages on their website require a different SEO strategy.

Enterprise SEO is a search engine optimization strategy for online businesses with large pages or large enterprises. Like SEO for small businesses, enterprise SEO aims to improve the organic traffic of mega businesses. 

It is a particular type of SEO that covers three categories of businesses:

  • Small businesses with large web pages running from thousands to millions;

  • Large businesses with substantial annual revenue and large shareholders, but with small web pages;

  • Large businesses with substantial annual revenue, large shareholders, and web pages running from thousands to millions;

If your business falls under any of these categories, you should be looking at enterprise SEO to benefit your business even more.

4 Benefits of Enterprise SEO

When your business starts growing, you need to also improve your business strategies because the strategies you used when the worth of the business was $10,000 may not work when the business has grown to $1 million. 


(Source: WebFX)

Businesses that have stood the test of time are not businesses that keep repeating the same thing they were doing from day one. Rather, they are businesses that change strategies to meet the demands of the time. 

For big businesses, either in terms of web pages or size, the way forward is enterprise SEO.

For those online business owners who have recently upgraded to enterprise-level and need a better strategy for higher returns on investment, we want to show you some of the benefits of enterprise SEO.

1. Helps to Improve Business Brand Locally

There is no business that doesn’t depend on the local market to keep growing, no matter how large it is. Any business that utilizes the strength of the local market will have a return on investment. 

Enterprise SEO helps large enterprises to penetrate the local market by improving the business brand presence locally. 

2. Helps With Backlinks

Enterprise SEO is more detailed in its content. 

Do you know that 47% of online customers read between 3-5 contents before making any online transaction?

Without SEO, you can’t have any content for them to read; without content, the chances of getting an investment return is almost zero. 

When large businesses use enterprise SEO strategy to publish content on their website, the chances that bloggers who are writing on similar topics will likely link to the site is high.


The reason is that the site has pages of well-detailed content running to several thousand, if not millions. 

3. Helps Reach Customers

Enterprise SEO helps you fetch data that are related to the product that most customers are interested in. These data are used to identify the most effective keywords, and in turn, the keywords are used to write content for the website

Because customers’ needs are the primary focus of enterprise SEO, it is easy to reach every customer looking for the products that your business is selling. The resultant effect of this entire process is higher ROI. 

4. Helps Brand Reputation At All Levels

One of the things customers do before doing business online is to check the brand. Brand search is one of the everyday things people do before patronizing businesses. They will read through your product reviews and other people's testimonies before they decide to do business with you. 

The best way to give your brand a good reputation is by not relying on other people to advertise your brand for you because you can’t always control what people say about your brand.

With enterprise SEO, all the information you need people to know about your business can go to them directly through you. Any other information from a third party will just be a confirmation of what they already know about your business. 

How Enterprise SEO Is Different

Is there any real difference between enterprise SEO and your regular SEO?

Enterprise SEO is different from the traditional SEO in four significant ways:


(Source: Kloud Portal)

  • Enterprise SEO is designed for businesses with substantial web pages that run in thousands and millions. One of the reasons for enterprise websites having so many web pages is that these businesses have many products that require content, and each product may require a different webpage. 

In contrast, traditional SEO is an SEO for businesses with small web pages. That is to say, the pages on the business website are in tens or hundreds. 

  • Enterprise SEO focuses on highly competitive short-tail keywords to drive traffic to their website, while traditional SEO focuses on the less competitive long-tailed keywords to drive traffic.

  • Enterprise SEO requires more patience, strategy, and planning than traditional SEO.

  • Enterprise SEO is more expensive than traditional SEO, and the result you get from enterprise SEO is massive compared to traditional SEO. 

How to Manage Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO management becomes very simple when you follow these three easy steps: 


(Source: Weblizar)

1. Focus on Crawling Your Content

Because of the enormous website and content most enterprises have, they find it difficult to manage their content. However, knowing the importance of crawling in your content, you will agree with us that focusing on getting your content crawled in is one of the most essential SEO decisions any business owner will make.

If you can’t get all your content crawled in, then there is no point in having the content in the first place.

To be sure if your content is all crawled and to solve problems within your web pages, you will need to look at your website logs for Google Bots. Also, ensure you carry out proper interlinking. 

2. Write Authoritative Content

When you write authoritative content, so many things about your enterprise SEO management will take care of themselves.

When your vast web pages contain credible and high-quality content on a particular subject matter that relates to your business, your website becomes a topical authority. Such a website is a beehive for people. What an easy way to drive traffic!

3. Conduct Periodic Enterprise SEO Audits

Managing a website with a huge page and many contents is a complex thing to do. There could be an issue with your website, but you can’t tell by merely looking at it every day. A periodic audit helps you figure it out before it causes more damage to your website and your business.

4. Have a Good Website Structure

If your website is not well structured, it could pose a huge problem.

A well-structured website is a website that provides the best user experience. When the user experience is good, it makes more people visit your website as often as possible. 

Enterprise SEO Platform

Enterprise SEO platforms are tools that, when used, help increase the productivity and efficiency of an online business owner. They use the enterprise SEO strategy for the sole aim of taking businesses to the next level. 

Among other things, these tools help in optimizing your content, identifying additional business opportunities, tracking your performances, managing your backlinks, integrating analytic tools, etc. 

Here are the top three enterprise SEO platform tools you can use to help in enterprise SEO management.

1. Conductor

The conductor is an enterprise SEO platform that helps you with an insight into what the internet users are searching for, specifically those searching for things related to your type of business. 

It also helps you measure the impact you have made through your enterprise SEO strategy and recommends actions needed to convert these customers. 

2. Botify

There is no guarantee that because you have huge pages on your website, all the content will be visible for people who are using the search engine to get information. The chances that over half of your web content won’t be crawled in by the search engine is high.

It is a well-known fact that whatever content you have that wasn’t crawled in will not be indexed and you will not get a return on investment.

Since most of your vast content didn’t index, it means that when people search for things related to your business, none of the content that didn’t index will show up on the search result. Hence, your website will not generate enough traffic, and if this happens, you are not going to make money. 

No worries, this is where Botify comes in. Botify is one of the best tools for websites with huge pages. While it will help you solve the problem mentioned above, it also uses machine learning to automatically prioritize your most impactful opportunities and let you know about any issue with your enterprise SEO. 

In addition, the Botify platform activation tool gives the SEO the autonomy needed to execute optimization in the shortest possible time. 

3. BrightEdge

BrightEdge platform is another platform that is driven by extensive data collection, real-time insight, and intelligence. It is one of the most famous enterprise SEO platforms which has been around since 2007. Two things make BrightEdge better than other enterprise SEO platforms.

The first thing is that you don’t need to be an SEO expert to use this tool. 

Secondly, the BrightEdge DataCube tool brings its proprietary keyword index of over 3 billion and still counting. It enables users to perform on-demand research and hone in on a particular area of focus. 

How Much Does Enterprise SEO Cost?

When it comes to growing your business, you need money. Enterprise SEO Campaign costs can make a massive hole in your pocket. The prices vary from place to place.

Other factors that make the price of enterprise SEO vary are the SEO agency’s size that you want to use, your SEO strategies, your budget, etc. 

On average, the price for enterprise SEO goes between $10000 to $25000 or more per month.


(Source: SEO Goddess)

Dominate Your Business Niche With Enterprise SEO

An enterprise SEO campaign is capable of increasing your organic rankings in SERPs and boosting the overall ROI of your enterprise business.

If you want to dominate your business niche or brand category, our SEO company Orange County can help. 

At FlyingVGroup, we are an experienced enterprise SEO agency with an experienced team that is equipped with all the expertise needed to take your enterprise business to a higher level. Contact us!

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