Business Growth Strategies for Selling Digital Services_ 18 Expert Digital Marketers Reveal How to Deal with Client Objections and Pricing Issues

Business Growth Strategies for Selling Digital Services: 18 Expert Digital Marketers Reveal How to Deal with Client Objections and Pricing Issues

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I don’t know you, but I assume you’re a solo digital marketer or digital marketing agency owner offering a great digital marketing service. Maybe you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in the game for years already.

You need to attract more quality clients who value your offer and who will hopefully return with repeat business for months and years to come, correct?

You may provide a single dedicated service or a suite of services and package deals.

SEO & Web Design. PPC & Social Media Management. Content Writing & Graphic Creation. Copywriting & Funnel Marketing. You name it.

Just like us, you’re interested in easy, proven business growth strategies that are quick to implement and are able to generate positive ROI. Ongoing. Isn’t this exciting, and the reason why you’re still in business?

Nobody likes to invest in tactics that work today but then grow increasingly ineffective as time goes on or, even worse, cost more money than what you need to break even, right?

I am familiar with the tedious effort, cash-flow, and budget issues that are necessary to run a digital business focused on exponential growth, and don’t just rely on simply thriving.

You spend days and weeks trying to attract high-quality leads and convert them into solid clients. Yet, once they inquire about your service and ask about pricing, you seem to get (a lot) more refusals than closed deals. BAM!

This may significantly increase your frustration and adrenaline levels, and you probably felt like quitting numerous times. Ever wondered if you’re in the right digital service business, or if your client is savvy enough to value your service and recognize a great deal?

I’ve been there before. If you’re not sure how to best answer client objections and what to say when sensitive issues like cost and return on investment arise, don’t despair!

This post comes in handy because we have asked 18 expert marketers a vital question that I’m sure you’ll love to hear the answer to:

What is the biggest rebuttal you get from potential clients about pricing and how do you answer it?

Here are the insights from the experts. Feel free to take notes and then comment below, if necessary. Online engagement is how you and me expose our brands and generate genuine leads and repeat business.

I would be thrilled to hear from you and get to know you.

Also, spread the love if you like the content and dare to share it online. Your friends and followers will obtain valuable information to enhance their digital businesses.

Just so you know. I truly appreciate your time and involvement.

Here are the experts - feel free to click their name to go right to their section!

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