5 Herbs and Spices in a Landing Page Batter

5 Herbs and Spices in a Landing Page Batter

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I'm sure you're wondering what the heck this title means, unless you're a diehard The Office or Michael Scott fan. In Season 5, Lecture Circuit Part 1, Quote #2355, Michael is going to Dunder Mifflin branches to give his colleagues his secret recipe to success along with his "11 business herbs and spices, in a sales batter!" So, while we only have five, here are the five herbs and spices, in a landing page batter, or, better known as, five tips for creating amazing landing pages for Google AdWords or other pay-per-click advertising. :takes breath:

It is now a pretty common fact that a professionally developed, customer oriented, and well-designed website brings conversions and sales. A focus on creating powerful websites that convey credibility and trust is extremely important in developing a relationship with your website visitors. The readers of this blog know what it takes to make an impressive website design and a lead-generating website, but today we are going to talk more specifically about landing pages tied to a pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Behind the most successful websites is not only the web design, but also the landing page design for their advertising campaigns. A landing page can be any page that a user lands on when clicking a link from an advertisement, social media post, or other link out on the Internet. Some websites find all of their success due to their smartly crafted landing pages that help not just their SEO efforts, but also in their PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

Having a finely tuned landing page will help pay-per-click advertising numbers like bounce rate, conversion rate, and ad quality score. A successful advertising landing page batter demands a perfect mix of five herbs and spices that we are going to go over in this article!

how to build a ppc landing page

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1. 5 Ounces of Saying It Loud (Call-to-Action/Buttons)

Having a big, visible call to action button on your landing page helps increase conversions. Anything that grabs attention of the visitor is likely to be clicked or read on especially if they are landing on your page because they are looking for your service/product. Do NOT be afraid to communicate to your visitors what you want them to do on your landing page and add persuasive content around that addresses their potential needs.

2. One Pinch of a Short Drive (Minimal Navigation)

We have seen that the most successful landing pages offer visitors very minimum levels of distraction when it comes to site navigation ability. Ideally, the landing page should have all of the information the user needs based on the ad they clicked on.

When designing the landing page, don’t use the top, left or right-hand navigation that you would use for your normal site navigation. In most of the cases, it is advised to keep your company’s logo at the page’s top left corner, along with a link to your website’s home page and then some sort of call-to-action button on the right hand side like seen here for this digital marketing audit landing page. Linking the logo is good for the visitors that might want more information or need further clarification.

perfect landing page design

3. Four Scoops of Above the Fold (Prioritize Information Sequence)

Many potential customers are in a hurry while searching, or just always in a hurry, for the services you provide. Once they visit your landing page and are unable to get the desired information that they want within 5 seconds, they are more likely to navigate to other pages or ads.

Hence, keep the call-to-action buttons and forms above the fold so the user can get exactly what they need as soon as the site loads. Another tip is to use Google Analytics to determine the most popular or preferred resolution size among your visitors to make sure that your page is extremely optimized for those devices.

4. Bake for Two Seconds (Ensure Fast Website Load Times)

It is well documented that Google is now ranking websites based on page speed, but you should also know that Google Adwords Quality Score considers the load time of your landing page as a crucial factor. Ideally, the loading time of your landing page should be less than 3 seconds. Big flash files, more than enough images or unoptimized images, and numerous animated graphics may cause slow loading.

There is plenty of data to back up the fact that website speed correlates with business success. Not only that, but a higher Quality Score means lower cost-per-clicks and better ROI for your pay-per-click campaign.

how to build an amazing landing page

5. Sprinkle with Attraction (Dynamic Headlines)

Using dynamic headlines on landing pages helps to target what your visitors are typing in their search box. The energetic, vibrant and interesting headlines are produced by tracking the URLs that would input the specific keyword into your headline. This is like putting the most-used keywords in your landing pages.

Marketing is all about direct targeting and if the page headline contains what the users typed in their search, they’re more likely to keep reading your page, stay there for a long time, and complete an action.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Thanks so much for reading. Please leave a comment with feedback or any questions you may have about the blog article. Best of luck to you and your future endeavors! : )

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