How to Run a Google Lighthouse Audit for Mobile Site Performance

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In this Flying V Group tutorial, we discuss how to run a Google Lighthouse Audit. Google Lighthouse audits your site's performance on a 3G network and makes recommendations for improving your site speed and performance. Mobile site speed is important because it has a direct correlation with customer conversions.

Running the Lighthouse Audit

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  1. Open your website.

  1. Right click anywhere on your website.

  1. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Inspect’.

  1. Select the ‘Audits’ tab at the top of the inspection dock.

  1. Click ‘Perform an audit…’.

  1. Select the audits you would like to perform and then click ‘Run audit’. The more audits you select the longer the audit will take.

  1. Allow audit to run in the background. Audit will take a few minutes and then report will be available for you to view.

Generating the Report

  1. On the report screen in the browser, at the top left of the dock, click the down arrow with the tooltip that says, ‘Download report’.
  1. Save the report in your desired location.
  1. Open ‘’.
  1. Drag the saved report into the browser screen or click the screen to select the file.
  1. The viewer will now output the report.
  1. To print, copy, or save the report, click the icon at the top right of the screen for save options.

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